Lunch on the house boat in Kerala, India.

Thali me banana (lassis) – what I ate in India: Month 3

1. I seem to have a problem in India. Whenever i go to a restaurant and order something, they don’t have it. Seriously. I’d say that, on average, once a day I will tell the waiter what I want and he will say “no.” Sometimes I will order again and get the same response and be so frustrated I just have to ask, “OK, what do you have?”

2. Paneer is India’s greatest gift to the world. Just sayin’.

3. I haven’t eaten cow in 3 months. Just sayin’.



And, of course, in a fitting end to India, I ordered butter chicken. Jaime, who has been searching for spicy food and never satisfied, ordered another chicken dish and asked for it to be Indian spicy…of course, they made the wrong dish Indian spicy and my last meal in India was so hot that I couldn’t eat it. So Jaime finally got to eat spicy food, too bad it was my dinner. 🙁

Butter chicken in Mumbai, India.

Butter chicken in Mumbai, India.

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  • Abhinav
    June 17, 2012at9:10 am

    Seems like you love palak paneer!

  • Chaitra
    December 26, 2013at10:30 am

    Goodness! I crave for spaghetti carbonara right now. Can you tell me which cafe in Palolem were you in where it was served?

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