Banana lassi in Varanasi, India.

Thali me banana (lassis) – what I ate in India: month 2

Quite frankly, two weeks of nothing but (delicious but) similar vegetables served up with nothing but the same slices of bread makes you tiresome fast. The food we ate at our homestay in Setrawa was “tasty,” but when we left we needed a bit of a break from Indian food.

And then we got sick. Legitimately Indian-style Delhi Belly sick. And during that escapade we had no desire to eat Indian food. No. Desire.

And so, month two in India features very little Indian food. There is a lot of chowmein and fried rice, the two things we tend to order when we look at a menu and think “there is nothing on here I have any desire to eat.” And way too many times I just ate French fries, when I really looked at a menu and thought “there is nothing on here I have any desire to eat…”

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