Tapas in Granada, Spain

Tapas in Granada, Spain.

What I ate in Granada, Spain.

There’s a wonderful thing about Granada, Spain. And that thing is the food. The comida. The tapas. Tapas in Granada, small plates of food, are abundant and, most everywhere, come free when you order a cheap cerveza or tinto de verano or sangria.

Some of the tapas rivaled actual meals so you could get drunk and stuffed and hardly spend many euros at all. And they were all delectable: whether they were small cold sandwiches or hot meatballs. Here’s what I ate in Granada.

What I ate: Tapas in Granada, Spain:

On my second night in Granada, around midnight, we headed to a bar on the corner for sangria that came with cheese sandwiches and fries.

cheese sandwich tapas in Granada, Spain.

Sangria in Granada, Spain.


And then we headed to a bar where we danced to weird American music (I’ve never before heard the Batman theme song played in a bar) and drank a weird local liqueur mixed with coke that tasted like mint toothpaste.

Minty alcohol in Granada, Spain.

Bar in Granada, Spain.


The next night I went with two travelers from Queensland, Australia and a guy from North Carolina. And we drank cerveza and got free tapas of sandwiches with pasta salad and fries or potatoes.

Sandwich tapas in Granada, Spain.

Sandwich tapas in Granada, Spain.

Sandwich tapas in Granada, Spain.


The next afternoon I went to lunch with a man from Paris and we met up with a couple of other French girls and had sangria with meatballs and shrimps and caviar and salmon.

Meatball tapas in Granada, Spain.

Getting tapas in Granada, Spain.

Shrimp, salmon and caviar tapas in Granada, Spain.


And that night I went out with the same guy from Paris and an opera singer and we got sausages at one bar (and completely forgot to pay…but went back and made right later) and then ordered some more off the menu to go along with our free ones at another…

Sausage tapas in Granada, Spain.

Sandwich tapas in Granada, Spain.

Spanish omelet tapas in Granada, Spain.

Pork stew tapas in Granada, Spain.

Mushroom tapas in Granada, Spain.


And the next night I went on our hostel’s tapas crawl and got calamari and baked potato and a bacon and onion sandwich with a girl from South Korea and a guy from San Francisco.

Calamari tapas in Granada, Spain.

Baked potato tapas in Granada, Spain.

Bacon and onion sandwich tapas in Granada, Spain.


And the next night we didn’t eat tapas, but had a cheap chicken curry in the hostel, followed by mojitos with a guy from Canada and a girl from Austria/Germany/Switzerland.

Chicken curry at the hostel.


And on my last day in Granada I got tapas on my own for lunch. And spent all of 5 euro on two tinto de veranos with a sandwich and a meatball.

Sandwich tapas in Granada, Spain.

Sausage tapas in Granada, Spain.


And on my last night, after double fisting some sangria at the hostel (it was happy hour and cheaper to buy two…) I got some queso crepes with some Canadian girls…

Hostel sangria in Granada.

Queso crepes tapas in Granada, Spain.

Tapas in Granada, Spain.


For me, eating tapas in Granada rivaled the Alhambra for the best thing to do in the city.

I mean, maybe Granada doesn’t have the best food in Spain or the best I’ve ever had or anything like that. But it was plentiful and cheap and good. And the company was wonderful.

And really, sometimes, that’s all a girl needs.

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