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Superdawg Wheeling

Superdawg Wheeling!

Friday night Chelsa and JennyS and HeatherH and I headed out to Wheeling to enjoy some Superdawg! I went to the new Superdawg Wheeling location back in January on the night it opened, but the signature fiberglass hot dogs weren’t quite roof ready yet, so I told Chelsa we had to go as soon as they were up…and four months later they finally were!

So we hopped in my car and took the back roads…OK, maybe not “back roads” but not the highway…off to Wheeling to check the roadside attractions out!

I decided to get a Supercheesie (cheeseburger) instead of a Superdawg (hot dog) because I’ve never gotten anything besides their hot dogs, and it was delicious! And, of course, Maurie and Flaurie up on the roof were in impeccable form!

Photos from Superdawg Wheeling:

Superdawg Wheeling.

Supercheesie cheeseburger Superdawg Wheeling.

Superdawg Wheeling.

Superdawg Wheeling.

Superdawg Wheeling.

Giant fiberglass hot dogs Maurie and Flaurie at Superdawg Wheeling.

Giant fiberglass hot dogs Maurie and Flaurie at Superdawg Wheeling.

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  • Chris
    May 17, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    heh. I’ve almost eaten there. We had just put in our order when I got hit with migraines so severe we went straight to the ER. I never got my dinner. 🙁

  • Marlo
    May 18, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    Looks awesome, but unfortuntaely I’ve eaten at sooo many places like this that now a dog is just a dog and burger is just a burger to me. I’d give it try if I was driving past one, but I’d assume that I could get the same thing at a Maxwell Street Polish stand somewhere in the city.

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