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Orange Honey Chicken

Suck it, I can spell gnocchi!


2. I am completely obsessed with cute vintage looking shoes. But I wear my sneakers every day.

3. Scott: bah, stupid latex isn’t working.. Val: Plan B? …
He totally didn’t get my joke 🙁

4. I spend the entire weekend cleaning the entire apartment, then came home Monday to find that the cat has poop stuck on his butt and was running around sitting on everything 🙁

5. Most ironic statement of all time: I really would love to be a professional organizer.

6. The tree is busting through our window screen.

Tree Through my Window

Tree Through my Window

7. I don’t think there’s anything more nerve-wracking that trying to pluck an eyelash with tweezers.

8. I was the girl in grade school who purposely spelled the first word in the spelling bee so I could sit down and not have to think for a while.

9. I don’t think I like the idea of hiring someone to help you plan a proposal. But I do like the idea of hiring someone to shoot it

10. One of the great things about cooking is that once you learn one recipe you can modify it to make many more. For instance, I can start with the basic technique of my favorite chicken recipe but omit the prosciutto and add carrots and glaze it with orange honey and oranges.

Orange Honey Chicken

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