Stay sane inside insanity. (Rocky Horror Picture Show at Music Box Theatre)

Stay sane inside insanity. (Rocky Horror Picture Show at Music Box Theatre)

So I guess I’m technically not a virgin because I did it once in theatre camp. But I don’t know if that time really counted. But Saturday night Chelsa and I totally did it together.

Stay sane inside insanity. (Rocky Horror Picture Show at Music Box Theatre)

I, of course, am talking about watching Rocky Horror Picture Show live!

So besides the time we did a Rocky Horror screening at theatre camp (yes, I was one of those kids), I’d never been to see it live! Which is totally a shame. Because seeing it “live” is kind of awesome.

By “live” here I mean they show the movie and people dress up and act it out in front of the screen and the audience yells and throw stuff. We bought kits of stuff to throw. And we got to dance which always makes a movie better.

We went to a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show at Music Box Theatre here in Chicago. Chelsa dressed as a Transylvanian and I did a half-asses Magenta by frizzing and crimping out my hair (which fell flat in approximately two seconds) and wearing a black slip and red lipstick.

The best parts are definitely doing the Time Warp, throwing toilet paper, and putting up glow sticks to “there’s a light.” The weird part was that some of the guys parts were being played by girls and it made it too much of an estrogen fest up there. I mean, I know the whole show is kind of gender bending anyways. But Rocky is supposed to be a hunky guy. And a lithe happy woman just doesn’t really cut it.


The movie was a midnight showing but by the time they did the costume contest and dance contest and devirginized people it was 1am. When the movie ended it was about 1:20am. Which confused me but for the wrong reasons.

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  • Sid
    November 6, 2008at5:31 pm

    Tell Sarah the next time something like this comes up…she is a fanatic about rocky horror picture show

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