Steak tartar in Paris, France

Snips and snails.

What I ate in Paris.

What I ate in Paris…

Popsicle in Paris
A popsicle in the park.

Ham and melon in Paris
Deliciously salty pieces of ham and super sweet melon.

Coffee in the Louvre in Paris
Coffee at the Louvre to kick off a long day of museuming.

Onion soup in Paris

Salmon with basil sauce in Paris
I always get frazzled in picking restaurants and end up in places that are way too touristy. The onion soup starter was OK but the salmon with basil sauce was pretty blah.

Pizza at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Pain au chocolat in Paris
I may have paid 10 euro for a slice of pizza and a Coke at the Eiffel Tower. But I was starving and in desperate need of caffeine. I also had a yummy pain au chocolat that I picked up on the way.

Popsicle in Paris
Another popsicle. They are good on hot days.

Nutella crepe in Paris

Nutella crepe in Paris
Nutella crepe in line for Notre Dame.

Croque Monsiour in Paris
A croque monsieur. AKA ham and cheese sandwich.

Beef tartar in Paris

Nutella crepe in Paris
When I ordered beef tartar the waiter asked me “You know what that is, right?”

Hot chocolate from Angelina in Paris
Quite possibly the best hot chocolate in the world.

Escargot in Paris

Lamb in Paris

Profiteroles in Paris
I walked past this restaurant and it looked nice. Then I read the menu and realized that it was pretty likely that it was the same place I went to in 2006…So I ate there for dinner and had escargot and lamb with scalloped potatoes and profiteroles. I am so not a budget backpacker.

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