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Chicken in Singapore

Singapore Sling: What I ate in Singapore

Back home I would get Asian food at least twice a week, probably way more. I’d order Thai food for dinner from that place down the block or I’d grab a quick Whole Foods sushi when I needed something quick or I’d get fast food Chinese food for lunch or I’d make myself a stir fry at home. My diet was thoroughly based on chunks of meat mixed with noodles or rice and soy sauce.

After four months of eating way too many doner kebaps in Europe, I’ve been ready for a culinary change.

So bring it Asia. Bring. It.

Of course, when I got to Singapore I was kind of lost. I didn’t know what to eat, where to eat, so I’m not sure I did the country culinary justice. I ate prawn noodles, won ton soup, chicken and rice, chicken curry, duck rice, some Chinese food, some Indian food. But that hardly scratches the surface. I didn’t have chili crab or Laksa or curry fish head or any of the things you should eat there. And I didn’t get a Singapore Sling (a ridiculously expensive, famed, Singapore Sling) at Raffles Hotel, where the drink was invented.

Some day I can return, I guess. And eat everything. Everything. And maybe even, actually, get a ridiculously expensive, famed, Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel…

What I ate in Singapore:

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