Trivial Pursuit

Silly. Boy.

1. I went to watch Mat’s improv team improvise at a sandwich shop. I drank a raspberry beer that tasted too much like beer.

Raspberry Beer

Their improv show was funny. Mat complains that that’s all I ever say. I say it’s good constructive criticism.


Afterward we went for a drink at Zakopane and then back to Mat’s place. It was midnight but we got pizza. And donuts. And ice cream.

Pizza and donuts.

And we played the original Trivial Pursuit.

Trivial Pursuit.

I was wrong about 80s Trivial pursuit being hard. Trivial pursuit in general is just hard.

I think the cat won.

The cat won Trivial Pursuit.

Or maybe the ice cream.

The ice cream won Trivial Pursuit.


2. I think I went to Improv Gladiators another time or two in there. 98.6 improvated. Then we drank.


3. And then there was the time he stopped over after a rehearsal and he played his guitar and I was too sick to sing along without coughing.


4. And now I’m practicing the guitar. But I only know two chords. And I need to hire a drummer to do a solo while I try to switch between them.


5. And he came over another time. For just a half an hour or so.


6. Oh and there was a time that he picked me up and we went to Target. And then we got Taco Bell and went back to my place and watched Wet Hot American Summer. Which had about a million random actors in it. It was odd. But funny. And Taco Bell gave me the wrong sauce. And then it made me sick.


7. And the other night at 11pm my doorbell rang. I ignored it because I wasn’t expecting anyone and Heather was asleep so it could only have been an ax murderer. And our doorbells aren’t labeled so people hit the wrong one all the time. But I watched out my window and it turned out to be Mat, who looked up and saw me watching out the window. So I let him in and he went straight to the bathroom. And then he complained that our apartment smelled like mold (I may have hung up clothes to dry that were sitting in the washer for a few days too long) and that our decorations were looking pathetic (I may still have up all of the balloons from my birthday party two and a half months ago). And then he left.

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