Nadia's Wedding Shower at The Clubhouse in Oak Brook, Illinois

Nadia’s Wedding Shower at The Clubhouse in Oak Brook, Illinois

Saturday was Nadia’s surprise wedding shower at The Clubhouse in Oak Brook, Illinois…shhhh don’t tell her. Wait…it’s over…yeah, I suppose you can tell her now 🙂 Well, it wasn’t really a surprise anyways since someone spoiled it and told her the date, but she didn’t know where, which meant mischief!!!

Nadia's Wedding Shower at The Clubhouse in Oak Brook, Illinois

So, it was my duty to pick the blushing bride up and bring her to the party. When I got to her house she asked me where we were going. I told her that we were going to McDonalds (double disappointer because she gave up eating there for the New Year). So, we were just about at the restaurant and I took the normal turn towards the mall…then turned again…into the McDonalds parking lot 🙂 hehe. Of course that wasn’t where it was! So then I went into the mall parking lot and drove around the entire parking lot. I had three reasons for doing this: 1. We were still kind of early 2. I wanted to thoroughly confuse her 3. I wasn’t entirely sure where it was (I knew generally, but I always forget which side which place is on). 🙂

Anyways, so I finally decided to take Nad to the Clubhouse restaurant, where her bridal shower actually was. 🙂 And the surprise wedding shower at The Clubhouse was tons of fun! There was tasty champagne punch (maybe too much of it). We played Nadia and Bryan trivia and determined that she is kind of equally afraid of aliens and fish, and that Nadia’s fav food as a kid is Bryans favorite food now (chicken fingers!). Then we ate yummy food. I had a pork chop (why do I keep getting pork? But it was delicious.) and there was also salmon and chicken picatta. And then we played a wedding bingo game that had pictures of really frumpy looking bridesmaids and grooms who I think wanted to run. Then it was dessert (cake and a trio of sorbets) and PRESENTS. The best thing about bridal shower presents is that the bride is guaranteed to like them because she picks them all out. And by she I mean she, I don’t think grooms have a say in things 🙂

Yay Nadia! It was a wonderful wedding shower and a lot of fun! Can’t wait for the wedding! Eep! It’s coming up so fast!

Photos from the wedding shower at The Clubhouse:

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