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Sex and the City

Friday I met up with Em after work for a happy hour at Cactus. A jager shot and a rum and coke later we took off…we left a bit early…but we had food and drinks and movies to get to!

Friday night was not only Emily’s birthday Eve but also the premiere of the most anticipated female-centered movie probably ever: Sex and the City! So that could only mean a girls night out!

Em and I met up with Zipporah and some of her friends at Zella’s to share some cosmos and appetizers. The cosmos were tasty and got me rightfully buzzed and we shared in some crab cakes, red pepper hummus, and spinach dip.

The only tickets we could get were for a 10:45 showing because the first night had been selling out fast! We got to the theater early and still had to wait in a huge line to get in. We didn’t go all out all out with our night, but there were some crazy girls there all dressed up in cocktail dresses and high heels. I was still a bit hungry so I got some popcorn…and then in a cosmo stupor hit the bag with my purse all of 30 seconds later and spilled it all on the ground…right in front of the theatre cleaners who didn’t look too happy at me. Luckily Zipporah pointed out that they did offer free refills, so I was able to actually eat popcorn.

The movie was good. It wasn’t spectacular and it was pretty predictable and a little over the top at times and I didn’t agree with all of the choices, but it was still good. I don’t want to ruin anything by giving away plot points though. Seriously.

And I cried through the entire thing.

I am such a girl.

Those were both sad tears and happy tears too.

I am such a girl.

When I go see it again next Monday (yes, I already have plans to see it again) I have to remember to pay attention to what Jennifer Hudson looks like next to SJP. I don’t remember noticing anything odd but when I saw them presenting at the MTV Movie Awards Jennifer looked like a giant compared to Sarah Jessica. It kind of looked like when in that episode of Full House when they made Michelle be the same height as everyone else by just blowing her up so everything was way out of proportion. Someone has to know the episode. They probably did some odd angles and had Jennifer sitting down most of the time when filming the movie so Sarah didn’t look like a midget. I’ll report back.

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