The Purple Pig in Chicago, Illinois

Sex and My City.

Girls night out in Chicago.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a real true girls’ night out. And of course, there is probably no better excuse for one than a new Sex and the City movie.

So Friday, after lazily waking up in Wicker Park around 11 and watching some old TV, I headed home and gussied up in a cute little dress and headed down to the loop.

I met with Meredith and some of her friends at The Purple Pig, which I was so excited about as it’s a new bar that I’ve been anxious about trying. I mean, their motto is “Cheese, swine, and wine,” which are about three of my favorite things, so how could I not be excited?

And boy did it not disappoint. I got a delicious fried mussel dish (mussels with treviso, serrano chiles, winter citrus & gaeta olives) and a glass of Insolia which was recommended as being sweet but not overly candy sweet (they had a huge wine list that was tough to get through).

The Purple Pig in Chicago, Illinois

And did I mention that they had the most adorably awesome pig-shaped dishes?

The Purple Pig in Chicago, Illinois

Meredith got a fried deviled egg…

The Purple Pig in Chicago, Illinois

and Lori got an eggplant caponata…

The Purple Pig in Chicago, Illinois

And then we shared some prosciutto bread balls…

The Purple Pig in Chicago, Illinois

They really know how to appeal to a girl’s heart there: wine and little plates of fried goodness served on a cute plate.

After some wine and appetizers we headed over to the movie theater filled with girls in their cute dresses (and some guys who am I sure were just thrilled to be there) for Sex and the City 2! The movie got some pretty terrible reviews. The only thing Ebert seemed to like about the movie was the cleavage of the women in the audience. So I didn’t go in expecting much, which is pretty much a good attitude to have for a movie like that. I mean, it was entertaining and fun and I really couldn’t have asked for much more.

After the movie we headed out for some more food and drinks. So we decided on the Reagle Beagle but didn’t run into Jack Tripper. We did, however, get tons of sangria ($5 strawberry sangrias for the win)…

Sangria at The Reagle Beagle in Chicago, Illinois

I wasn’t tremendously hungry but I got a breakfast burger because I like trying burgers at places and it was only a dollar or two more than an appetizer or salad. The burger was OK, but the fries were pretty awesome.

Breakfast Burger at The Reagle Beagle in Chicago, Illinois

So stuffed wine and movies and sangria and food we called it a night. But hopefully will have another girls night soon.

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  • Chris
    June 1, 2010at12:38 pm

    Ooh, the Purple Pig. Sweet, I’ve heard about it since I spend a lot of time at Heaven on Seven (Jimmy’s son is one of the owners/chefs of the Pig), so I’m glad to hear it’s as good as I hoped. 🙂

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