Stars of the Opera at Millennium Park

September stint.

Looking back on September, I realized something: the whole month focused on work. Not in a bad way, really. But most of the events I went to were work events, most of the times I went out it was with coworkers, and even my vacation to New Orleans was really a work trip.

I’m not quite sure that’s the balance I’ve been looking for. But, I guess, for now, I’ll take it…


Last month I blogged about eating Café Du Monde beignets and seeing a psychic in New Orleans. But, really, the whole reason I was in New Orleans in the first place was for the Sitecore Symposium. I use Sitecore as a content management system at work and it was a good chance to learn more about the platform’s capabilities, learn more about context marketing, and network. I’ll spare you the details for now (though some of the things I learned were actually great life lessons, so maybe I’ll share a bit later…), but I actually had an amazing time, learned a lot, and came out so inspired for what I could be doing with the CMS, at work, and in my career. Plus, you know, there was a pretty kick-ass party at House of Blues…


With September comes opera in the park. Millennium Park, to be exact. I got to hand out programs and tote bags. My years of experience serving as an usher in college totally paid off.


Can I tell you that I love my coworkers? I somehow have the best coworkers ever. One weekend we went bowling (at a place that had actual pin boys setting up the pins) and sang karaoke at our favorite karaoke place. And it was all kinds of fun. Though I tried to get everyone to do a reenactment of Grease 2. But no one else was having it…


And then I saw Lin-Manuel Miranda in conversation. And he talked about life and writing and, you know, Hamilton. And he freestyled about Chicago. And he was amazing. (I have Hamilton tickets for JANUARY. I can’t wait!)


We had an open house at work and showed off our stage and scenery and costumes. Not going to lie: I work at a pretty amazing place.


And then it was opening night! OK, so technically this was October 1 and therefore October but I spent most of September preparing for the beginning of the season, so let’s just call it an extension, OK?

I got to pretend I was fancy. But really, I just turned back into a pumpkin at midnight.

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How was your September?

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