Trip and Fall sign at the 2006 Chicago Marathon

See Josh, See Josh Run: The 2006 Chicago Marathon

Congratulations Josh for running the 2006 Chicago Marathon!

Josh at the 2006 Chicago marathon


Saturday Night:

“I’ve already had five circle circle dot dot treatments, the doctors don’t know why it’s not working.”
-Nadia, on getting cooties from boys

Went out for dinner with Nadia and Josh to help him load up on carbs for the marathon.

We downed some wine (so he could sleep better) and discussed what gimmick he could use to stand out on the running path (I think he needed to get a hand puppet and then at the end of the race make it look like the puppet was trying to beat him.)

Josh rejected our idea to take him out all night to the strip clubs to get drunk and smoke a pack, then drop him off at the start line. 🙁 So Nad and I ditched Josh so he could get a good night’s rest and went to see the Prestige which was a really really really good movie. I highly recommend it. In fact, I think I need to see it again so I can figure it all out.


Sunday, The Chicago Marathon:

We went downtown to watch Josh run his first ever Chicago Marathon. Woohoo! We got down there at the perfect time to catch him at the halfway point. I made a wonderful sign that said “Trip and Fall Josh!” Jenny made an encouraging sign that said “Go Josh Go!” and Adam had a sign that said “I love Clay Aiken!” Hehe, what good friends we are! 🙂

Trip and Fall Josh and Go Josh Go signs at the 2006 Chicago Marathon

I love Clay Aiken sign at the 2006 Chicago Marathon

We were able to see Josh run in the marathon then we walked around downtown for a bit until we met him at the end. He ended up with a time just under 5 hours which I think is kick ass for him!!! YayJoshYay! He didn’t fall but apparently the winner tripped at the finish line. I guess I am bad luck for someone.

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