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This was my Saturday…

1. Much needed sleeping in until 10.


2. Cleaning
I finally hung up my bridesmaids dress from Nadia’s wedding. It’s been rolled up in a clump on the floor since I took it off well over a month ago. I did not find the two remote controls that disappeared well over a month ago 🙁


3. Sandbar
It’s rare that anyone I know plans to do anything in my neck of the woods. So when Andy said his friends were playing at a bar that’s literally 2 blocks from my house, I invited myself to go along. So we headed over to the Sandbar, a Brookfield tiki bar to watch Professor John and Nicole and some other people I don’t know play.

I had 2 yummy drinks: a fuzzy monkey and a martini with lots of different juices.

The music was very good.

Professor John is either going to hire me as a roadie (but I won’t get paid) or a cleaning lady (but I have to shower with him)

When we first got there, there was a couple who danced to almost every song…despite the fact that they were the only ones dancing and despite the fact that there was no actual dance floor. I want to be in a relationship like that.

At midnight the rockabillies all take over the Sandbar. Seriously, I’ve never seen so many people dressed so perfectly 50s together in one place in my life.

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