Giant ant statue in San Gil, Colombia

San Gil, Colombia.

Doing nothing in San Gil, Colombia.

After spending too much time on the water between Panama and Colombia, I had no desire to hit the beach while in Colombia. While most travelers traveled from Cartagena to Santa Marta to enjoy the Caribbean, the sun, the water, I wanted to get as far away as possible. And so, instead, I took a 12-hour night bus that ended up taking 20 towards the town of San Gil, Colombia: an interior town known mostly to backpackers for extreme activities such as paragliding or white water rafting.

I had no desire to go paragliding or white water rafting.

In fact, I had no desire to do anything when I arrived in San Gil.

No. Desire.

No desire to go anywhere. No desire to talk to people. No desire to leave my hostel bed.

Sure, I forced myself out, to a local park, to a day trip to a nearby village, to take a hike, to check out the giant ant statue, to go to eat Colombian meals with their ridiculous amounts of food, to go to the grocery store for supplies to make less-filling dinners.

But really all I wanted to do was spend a ridiculous amount of time with Netflix.

Because, sometimes, you just need a day or three off from traveling.

And so I may have spent most of my time in San Gil watching every single episode of Orange is the New Black (which, by the way, I am totally in love with and am not going to be able to wait until season two). And a few movies. And totally being the weird anti-social girl who is in a foreign country and just watching movies in her pajamas.

And I may have spent a fourth day there just because I couldn’t be bothered to move…

A few photos from San Gil, Colombia:

San Gil, Colombia

San Gil, Colombia

San Gil, Colombia

San Gil, Colombia

San Gil, Colombia

Giant ant statue in San Gil, Colombia

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