Weird Sheep Display

Sacrificing the lambs.

1. This is probably never a good error message to get:

2. Heather and I came across this lovely display for carpets on our way to get Thai food and were rather confused. Note the scary sheep…and the dead one…

Sheep in a window

Sheep in a window

Sheep in a window

3. Speaking of sheep, I kind of want to get a “what kind of an asshole eats a lamb” T-Shirt from Kurt Halsey. Because it is cute. And totally ironic. What kind of asshole? This kind of asshole…

4. Speaking of eating dead lambs, I made this for dinner tonight. Garlic-Rosemary lamb chop. Garlic-Rosemary potatoes. Maple-glazed pineapple thrown in to say I had more than two food groups in one meal.

Garlic-Rosemary lamb chop. Garlic-Rosemary potatoes. Maple-glazed pineapple.

Val: I’ve so far made $6 on my website.
MattyK: Is that after expenses?
Val: I am down $300 on my website.

Jeff: “oh well then good for you for fucking and dodging”
Val: “fucking and dodging?”
Jeff: “hah sorry ducking”

7. No one in my family understands the concept of the cell phone.

First my mom emailed me and asked how much a Blackberry costs because she wants a new phone. I told her she couldn’t work a Blackberry.

Apparently my sister told her how much and she said it was too expensive. She then asked me “Are there other cell phones that can send text messages?” … …?!?! “Umm, I’m going to go with all of them…”

Then she said that their cell phone was broken, so she was going to have to call their phone company to cancel their service. I had to explain to her that you can go get a new phone and don’t have to cancel.

And THEN my sister went and got my mom a new phone…but somehow they decided that they would switch so my sister would get the new phone…so they switched phones…and phone numbers…

8. In semi-related news, my mom called me last week twice in ten minutes. And she left almost the exact same message both times. Turns out that my number was listed in her address book under both cell phone and home phone. So she called both. Never mind the fact that she physically dialed both numbers twice and didn’t notice. Or that I do not have a home phone number. Or that even if I did she still would not have had to call both of them…

9. Did you remember that I was a member of Netflix? I kind of kept forgetting and spent an awful lot of money to rent two movies for quite a few months that I never watched. I finally returned them this week and cancelled my membership.

10. I wish I could make videos like this. Or be these people. Or both.

Day 4 – Boats and Bulls.

11. I am making Thanksgiving dinner. All on my own. Thanksgiving is hard because whether you are cooking for 3 people or 30 people you still have to make all of the same stuff. You need your turkey and your mashed potatoes and your yams and your green bean casserole…I was excited because I have helped with Thanksgiving for years, but I underestimated the amount of help I have actually given until I started thinking about it! We’ll see how this goes…

12. Our cable was out all weekend so I had myself a marathon of My So Called Life on DVD. I watched the entire series. Every couple of years I end up watching it again. It always makes me cry too much. And every time I watch it I seem to watch it with an entirely different viewpoint. But even if I realized this time how much of an ass Jordan Catalano was, I still can’t bring myself to root for Brian.

13. Last Tuesday I brought Mat to see Faust at Lyric Opera. We went to get some wine and food at Townhouse first and then headed over. The opera was good and entertaining, although I was so tired. I think the best part though was how at about 7:29 Mat was laughing at the program book for saying “All performances start promptly at 7:30” because he’s “been to a lot of theater” and “never seen anything start less than ten minutes late.” And then immediately at 7:30 the lights went out, the conductor walked out, and the show began. Lyric performances start promptly at 7:30. Just sayin.

14. Note to self: When you go to the store, buy chocolate. Always, buy chocolate.

15. Did you know it is possible for someone to break up with you even if you weren’t going out? Did you know it can still hurt? Even if you didn’t want to date them?

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