Bar Louie Rock the Tot tater tot eating contest

Rock the Tot: Bar Louie Tater Tot Eating Contest.

So I was considering entering the Bar Louie Rock the Tot tater tot eating contest. Because I kind of love tater tots (and definitely love competitive eating). But I decided against it. And I’m kind of glad I didn’t because I ended up with more than I would have if I had tried to compete…

Nadia and I decided to head over to the Bar Louie in Oak Park for dinner because they were having a tater tot eating contest. Actually every Bar Louie location was having a tater tot eating contest and we picked one to go to because, well, we had to eat anyways!

I like Bar Louie because 1. they have tater tots and 2. they have my favorite burger-topping combo: bacon, egg, and cheese. Yum. Although, with the special they had going it was actually cheaper to get both fries and tater tots than it would have been to just upgrade the fries to tater tots. For the record: that is a lot of potato.

Bar Louie breakfast burger with fries and tater tots

So we got some food and waited, and waited, and waited for the contest to begin. I think it was supposed to start at 8 but didn’t end up starting until I think after 9:30 because the tater tots weren’t ready.

So finally the taters come out and the tater tot eating contest begin! Of course, they ate pretty slow. All of them. At least compared to the eaters I am used to seeing. I mean Pat and Tim could totally have eaten about ten times as fast as anyone at the table.

Bar Louie Rock the Tot tater tot eating contest

But it was still a fun contest! A couple of them did try either dunking the tots or just pouring their water directly into their basket.


So, just after the contest started one of the bartenders came up to me and said they didn’t have a camera so could I email them my pictures? So I said sure and they ended up giving me a $25 gift certificate and a free Rock the Tot T-shirt in exchange! Awe-some. That was $25 more than I would have made losing the contest, so I am glad I stuck to my normal role of just photographing 🙂 (My stomach thanks me too…although only slightly because I did eat a lot of tater tots on my own.)


(I got a lot of ones of this random dude because he had this great light right above him)

So anyways, the contest lasted 6 minutes and I think the guy who won was the only one on the third pound of tater tots. This dude ended up winning the Rock the Tot tater tot eating contest! Yay him!

Bar Louie Rock the Tot tater tot eating contest

Bar Louie Rock the Tot tater tot eating contest

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  • Sid
    April 24, 2009at7:46 am

    I love tater tots

  • Val
    April 24, 2009at11:29 am

    1. I love tater tots too! You should compete if they do it again!
    2. I totally do need that! my dslr does take HD video, although I haven’t tried it out too much because I am not too into video, but I am going to need to take more very soon for a project I am working on. Alas, my wishlist of photography equipment is huge and expensive 🙁

  • Craig
    April 24, 2009at11:51 am

    I competed at a local Bar Louie and the first basket of tots I received were gross and rubbery.

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