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Rebuilding a 1972 Triumph TR6

Road to Triumph: Rebuilding a 1972 Triumph TR6

Bobby: Why do you have such a big lens?

Me: Because my penis is really small.


I have started a new photography project. Basically any Sunday I am free I am holing myself up in a garage with MK and Adam and documenting the rebuilding of a 1972 Triumph TR6. I call the project “Road to Triumph.” So Sunday after lunch I headed over to MK’s and followed them around for eight hours.

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  • Chris
    May 14, 2009 at 9:28 am

    Really neat project and photostory. I especially enjoyed the horizontal layout.
    What struck me though are the pictures of MK and Adam in these shots, their friendship is apparent as they work on the project.
    How long is the restoration set to take?

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