Ridiculous cat gifts for cat ladies and the cats they love.

Ridiculous cat gifts for cat ladies and the cats they love.

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For Christmas this year I decided to buy matching pajamas as cat gifts for me and my cats. I was determined to get an adorable Christmas card photo with my whole furry family together. I set up a tripod with my mirrorless camera, installed the wireless remote app on my phone, did my makeup, got dressed, and waited until I had the perfect combination of sleepy kitties and window sunlight.

Yeah, that went about as well as expected…

While I looked adorable, Ford, no matter how tired and peaceful he looked, bit me and full-on attacked the PJs whenever I tried to put them on him. And Rooney? Rooney was so traumatized by the whole experience that he ran and hid under the couch at the mere site of the red polyester jammies.

Cat mom fail.

Anyways, it’s almost Christmas and that means cat ladies like me are busy making lists of all the cat-themed paraphernalia we would like to douse ourselves and our homes with and our greedy little cats are making lists of all the catnip-filled-toys their hearts and claws desire. So I decided to spend my Thanksgiving break compiling a ridiculously long list of ridiculous cat gifts for cat ladies and the cats they love.

Some of these gifts for cat lovers (and cats) are actually practical, some of them are just too cute for words, and some of them are WTF crazy (like a $9,000 cat tree you should totally buy for me with that extra $9,000 you have sitting around).

Any of these are perfect (purr-fect?) cat presents for yourself, your cat-loving girlfriend, or your spoiled-rotten cats…


p.s. the pajamas are from Target and if your cats are more chill than mine they are available for women, men, kids, babies, and pets.


Ridiculous cat gifts for cat ladies and the cats they love. Presents cat people including cat shaped jewelry, custom portraits, cat books, cat mugs, and more.

Cat Gifts for Cat Ladies

The best cat gifts for cat ladies come from the heart (and paw). From cat-shaped jewelry to custom cat portraits and all kinds of cat themed merchandise in between, these cat lady gifts are purr-fect for cat moms and cat lovers alike.


1. Mini Cat Bracelet (Luckee Luv Studio/ETSY)

Jewelry always makes great gifts for cat lovers. Wear your love for your cats on your wrist with this dainty rose gold bracelet with interlinking cat charms.


2. Gold Cat Ears Ring (Luckee Luv Studio/ETSY)

If you like your cat you better put a ring on it. This cat gift for her is a subtle nod to one of the cutest parts of the cat, his pointy ears, this cat-ear-shaped ring makes a delicate tribute to your favorite pet.


3. “My Cat is Famous On The Internet” Tote Bag

If your cat is an Instagram influencer (or aspires to be one) this “My Cat is Famous on the Internet” tote bag is the perfect accessory for declaring her internet fame to the world while hauling a 12-pack of Friskies back from the store.


4. Mali White Cat Ring (GOODAFTERNINE)

Make a statement with a cat-shaped statement ring. This enamel ring is as loud as your cat screaming for dinner (even though he’s already been fed).


5. Cat Picture Frame (Urban Outfitters)

If you love your cat as much as I love mine you’ve probably replaced all the art in your home with framed photos of your little monsters. No? Well even if you only love your cat a medium-sized amount, cute little cat-shaped photo frames make great cat themed gifts to display that one non-blurry photo you have of your cat.


6. Girls and Their Cats Book

Girls and Their Cats is a celebration of the modern cat lady, those strong women taking on the world with a feline by their sides.


7. Cat Mom Enamel Keychain (Hennel Paper Co/ETSY)

Even if you would prefer to never leave your cat’s side, chances are that you have to leave your house every once in a while. When you do, be sure that you grab your keys and that they are on a cat-shaped keychain.


8. Kitten Ear Stud (Catbird NYC)

Wear your cats ears on your ears. How meta these cat lady presents are. These abstract earrings would be dainty additions to your cat-shaped jewelry collection.


9. Crown & Paw Renaissance Custom Pet Portrait

Have you ever wondered what your cat would look like as an admiral, a colonel, or a princess? Crown & Paw makes amazing custom pet portraits of your cat in the style of Renaissance masterpieces. I need a pair to hang over my cats’ food bowls. Or maybe their litter boxes. Anyways. If you’re looking for unique cat gifts for cat lovers, this is the ultimate example.


10. Cat-Shaped Bottle Opener (West Elm)

They say it’s not drinking alone if you’re drinking with your cat so you should both appreciate this cat-shaped cork screw. Grab a bottle of MosCATo and have a wild Friday night at home.


11. Cats Tea Towel (Paper Source)

People I love: 1. Cats. … This tea towel pretty much perfectly captures my every day mood and, therefore, is a fantastic cat related gift.


12. Stay Home Club Custom Portrait

I’m slightly obsessed with all things from Stay Home Club but their custom portraits are next level. You can choose from pre-made templates to recreate your entire family, pets and all, in their signature cartoonish look. The image above is actually one I had made for me and my cats and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. These would definitely make for unique gifts for cat lovers.


13. Suflanda Cat Heart Hoodie

True story: I am in a Starbucks writing this gift guide right now and wearing this exact sweatshirt and two separate random people have complimented it. It’s that amazing. Bonus points that it is also ridiculously soft and cozy.


14. Poppy Angeloff Ultimate Cat Lover’s Dream Teacup Set

Ultimate Cat Lover’s Dream Teacup Set: that name pretty much says it all. Could you imagine the epic tea party you could have with these and all you feline friends (and I guess human friends too)? If you don’t want the whole set you can buy them individually but I kind of want the whole set even though I already have an entire tea set and an entire coffee set and have never actually used either… Anyways, these cups and sauces would make ridiculous crazy cat lady presents.


15. Meowingtons Custom Cat Blanket

If your favorite thing in the world is to curl up on the couch with your cat but your cat is a finicky bastard and doesn’t cuddle at will, this blanket is for you. Custom printed with photos of your cat’s face, you can cozy up whether your cat is into it or not.


16. Ryan Berkley Illustration Rainbow Kitten Art Print (ETSY)

This rainbow-loving cat looks at the world through heart shaped glasses, as we all should. I have this print at home because it reminds me of Rooney if he was a little more fabulous. They make prints with all kinds of cats in different styles and they are all pretty awesome.


17. Catbird NYC Kitten Candle

If your apartment doesn’t smell enough like cat, how about lighting a kitten-scented candle? OK, it doesn’t really smell like a cat (at least…I hope it doesn’t). But also how can you not want to buy all your presents for cat lovers from a store called Catbird?


18. Stay Home Club Another Night In Loose Tee

I have a similar print to this by the same artist (Julia Bereciartu) hanging in my bathroom. This t-shirt perfectly encapsulates what I probably wish I was doing instead if I were to wear it out of the house.


19. Emily McDowell Cat Lady For Life Mug

I have this mug and it’s my favorite mug for drinking my morning coffee or my late-night tea curled up in bed with my babies. Obviously cat lady mugs make the best gifts for cat ladies.


20. Streetzies High Heel Kitty Slippers



21. Cats on Catnip Book

Cats on catnip are hilarious. When Ford has catnip he goes ballistic and tries to eat his own tail. When Rooney has it he rolls around until he’s covered in green flecks than stops and stares for a while. The Cats on Catnip book captures all kinds of kitties getting high on the nip.


22. Art Knacky Pet Table Lamp (Anthropologie)

This regal cat lamp is so tacky I can’t stand it. But I kind of want it. But I also kind of have no idea where I’d put it. And I’m also kind of pretty sure my cats would knock it over no matter where it was.


23. KITTYROO Cat Hoodie

I’m pretty sure that my cats would claw my eyes out if I tried to put them in this cat-carrying kangaroo pouch sweatshirt…but, much like the great matching pajama experiment, I’m willing to risk it. If you also know someone willing to risk their life to get that much closer to their cat, they make great Christmas gifts for cat lovers.


24. Sebastian Cat Brass Ornament (CB2)

Because every Christmas tree should have a nice cat ornament before your cats knock it down, cat ornaments make great Christmas presents for cat lovers.


25. Donna Wilson Mog Cat Tote Bag

Most tote bags have drawings of cats on them or sayings about cats on them. This one is actually shaped like a cat. It’s a cat-shaped tote bag perfect for loading up with Greenies treats on your way home.


26. Wild Masterpieces Custom Portraits

There are crazy cat lady gifts. And then there are crazy cat lady gifts. Wild Masterpieces pet portraits are all the rage among the famous cats of Instagram right now. And with their hilariously retro style against nature-themed backdrops it’s easy to see why.


27. Cat Shower Caddy (Urban Outfitters)

One of my cats loves to jump into the shower with me in the morning. It’s weird. So if I got this cat-shaped shower caddy it wouldn’t be the only cat in my bathtub.


28. Fran Cat Trinket Box (Anthropologie)

We all know that cat-shaped jewelry makes fantastic cat presents for her, but don’t forget, she needs somewhere to store all that cat-shaped jewelry…


29. Kate Spade Meow Cat Crossbody

Kate Spade has a new collaboration with the new Cats movie featuring an array of cat-shaped purses and wallets and key fabs and phone bags and take my money please.


30. Janis Cat Incense Holder (Anthropologie)

A sleepy kitty wrapped around burning incense makes a cute little trinket for your cat to knock off your nightstand.


31. Stay Home Club Fading Cats Print

Because I won’t rest until my entire apartment is covered in pictures of cats.


32. Cat Fingers (Paper Source)

These fun little cat fingers make funny cat gifts and great stocking stuffers for cat lovers… if the cat doesn’t find it first and bat it around until they lose it in the back of the closet…



Ridiculous cat gifts for cat ladies and the cats they love. Presents for cats including and cat owners including cat beds, cat trees, water dishes, toys, vacuums, litter robots, roomba, and more.

Cat Gifts for Cats (and their homes).

Looking for the best cat gifts for cats? Or gifts for cat owners? Ones that will have them purring in your hand and meowing for more? These cat gift ideas will satisfy the most finicky feline and the most discerning cat owner.


1. Wild One Air Travel Carrier

The best presents for cat owners are ones they will get a lot of use out of. For cats who want to travel in style this chic bag makes traveling to grandma’s house by plane or the vet in the car comfortable and easy.


2. Tiffany Cat Tag Charm

Christmas presents for cats who have everything and for the discerning cat who likes a little bling, a little Tiffany goes a long way…


3. Litter-Robot 3 Connect

A wi-fi enabled self-cleaning litter box? Sign me up. Imagine life for yourself if you never had to scoop litter again and life for your cats if their box was always clean? IMAGINE!


4. Beautiful Cat Tunnel (Modernish Shop/ETSY)

Fancy cats deserve fancy cat tunnels. Just sayin.


5. How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity Book

If your cat has stars in her eyes and fame on the brain, this book is for her. I mean, it is about time she started earning her keep.


6. Premium Organic Catnip (Tabby James)

Looking for Christmas gifts for cats? One word: catnip. Premium nip for your premium cat.


7. Shark APEX Upright Vacuum

When it comes to gift ideas for cat lovers, practical makes perfect. I don’t know about you, but my living room rug is embedded with so much cat hair I could make myself a third cat. If I could get it all out. It’s pretty well in there. I would use the heck out of a high-powered hard-core vacuum, it would be a lifesaver for me or, well any cat lady and their cats.


8. Floor Cat House (Pets Helper Co/ETSY)

A sleek cat house with windows allows your cats to have a comfy place to sleep while keeping their eye on you and without clashing with your decor.


9. Cat Massager (Urban Outfitters)

Pamper your pet with an at-home-spa-worthy massager. It’s a funny gift for cat lovers who really love their cats.


10. Modern Cat House (Nice People Workshop/ETSY)

A minimalist cat house for cats who want a place to both hide from and observe their surroundings. It’s like a little house for your house.


11. IKEA LURVIG cat bed

Like cat mom, like cat. This IKEA couch is just like the adult-sized version but scaled down to the perfect size for a cat to get cozy on. Twinning couches with your cat is like the ultimate cat-lady dream.


12. Cat Taps Sweet Rose Ceramic Drinking Fountain

This delicate cat fountain is reminiscent or fine china and just might be the fanciest cat water fountain I’ve ever seen. I…I mean my cats…want one dearly.


13. Solidarity Ceramic Pet Feeder (Barruntando Ceramics/ETSY)

Cute little food bowls for cute little cats. They can even be customized to look just like your favorite kitten.


14. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

I don’t think you can possibly comprehend the amount of litter that gets everywhere in my apartment. It’s on my dining room linoleum, it’s on my living room rug, it’s on my freshly-washed bedsheets. It. is. everywhere. I would love to have a Roomba constantly following my cats around picking up all their little messes…and OK maybe I want to try to get a viral video of my cats riding one but I swear that’s only secondary.


15. Suck UK Cat Scratching Laptop

My cats love playing on my laptop so I think it’s about time they got their own. It’s a unique cat gift your cat will love.


16. Soul Mates Pet Friendship Necklace & Collar Charm (Emily McDowell)

Are you your cat’s best friend? Show him the love with this duel charm set: one for you, one for your one and only.


17. Cat House Side Table (Purr Fur/ETSY)

Modern cat furniture not only gives your cat a cozy place to hide away, it seamlessly blends in with your decor so as not to scream, “a cat lives here!” (Although I am usually telling everyone I meet about my cats so it’s no secret cats live at my apartment…)


18. PetSafe Automatic Laser Cat Toy

My cats can play with the laser pointer for hours and hours on end. I cannot. An automatic laser toy sounds like the perfect solution for keeping cats entertained and my hands free to do anything else.


19. Hoiru Cat Wheel (Tuft and Paw)

The ultimate cat toy, this giant hamster wheel for cats provides hours of entertainment for them to play and hours of entertainment for you to watch them play. Do you think I could fit inside?


20. MiaCara Torre Tower (Tuft and Paw)

It’s hard to find a cat tree that isn’t hideous. This cat tree isn’t hideous.


21. Taj Mahal Cardboard Cat House (Cacao Pets/ETSY)

Your cat is royalty and deserves only the best of the best. So why is your cat settling for a regular, boring Amazon cardboard box when you can give him a masterpiece with a cardboard box shaped like the Taj Mahal. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his favorite wife. You can build a Taj Mahal cardboard box for your favorite cat.


22. Monmon Cats Electric Cat Scratcher

If your bad-ass cat has been asking for a tattoo, get him this scratcher as a cute cat gift instead. He’ll thank you later.


23. KATRIS Modular Cat Tree

This modular cat tree comes in a variety of colors and can double as a coffee table, bookcase, or room divider. I think I should just replace all my furniture with these…


24. Neko Modern Cat Tree

This might just be the most beautiful cat tree I have ever seen in my entire life. Of course, it comes with a price. If you have a spare $9,000 laying around, this might just be the best gift for cats you can buy. I mean, my cats would find a way to destroy it in 9 days, but that thousand dollars a day would be totally worth it… Right? This might be the most ridiculous of cat items for cat lovers, but I don’t care. It’s amazing.


25. Modern Pet Water Bowl (Modernish Shop/ETSY)

A modern bowl that keeps your cat hydrated all day long. Maybe my cats would drink out of this instead of my water glass/my legs after a shower/the runny bathtub faucet/literally anything but their water bowl.


26. Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Do you love your cats so much you wish you could watch them all day long like a furry little soap opera? PetCube puts a live-feed of your cat on your phone so you can watch them spend all day sleeping whether you’re at work, on vacation, on a date, or at the gynecologist. Really, these make the best gifts for cat lovers.


27. Munchiecat Sushi Toys

Toys always make good gifts for cats. Share your favorite indulgence with your cat with a bento box full of stuffed nigiri and maki your cats will lick their lips for.


28. Ziggy Stardust Cat Bed (Agnes Felt/ETSY)

Treat your cat like the rockstar he is with this David Bowie inspired cat bed. Your cat is a rockstar, right?


19. District 70 Mix Tape Cardboard Cat Scratcher (Macy’s)

If you love someone, make them a mixtape. If you love your cats, get them this mix tape shaped cardboard cat scratcher. You love your cats, right?


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    In all seriousness though, I hope your posts will kick me in the butt to be more like you so I will start chasing some dreams as well.

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