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Reversal of Fortune (My 2007 Fantasy Competitive Eating Team)

Every time Rob starts a fantasy baseball team he posts all of their pics in his blog. I am following suit. Here is my 2007 Fantasy Competitive Eating Team!!! (yes, they have a fantasy competitive eating league…and yes I found four other people to join with me! I love my friends!!!)

Joey Chestnut competitive eater
Joey Chestnut
Currently the number one ranked competitive eater, having beaten Kobayashi on the Fourth of July hot dog competition. Also kind of cute 🙂

Bob Shoudt competitive eater
Bob Shoudt
#7 ranked eater. He is a vegetarian and will only eat meat in sanctioned competitions.

Dale Boone competitive eater
Dale Boone
#16 ranked competitive eater…maybe. Looks like he may have left ifoce, which means I am totally screwed on this pic. Damnit! Time to trade for whatever is left. Claims to be a direct descendent of Daniel Boone. (fuck it, I dropped him for Pat Bruss…but I can’t find any pics of him, so Dale will stay here…hopefully Joey will do so well that he will make up for it…).

Hall Hunt competitive eater
Hall Hunt
#9 ranked competitive eater. He’s eaten 20 grilled cheese sandwiches in 10 min. and 33 Krystals in 8 minutes.

Juliet Lee competitive eater
Juliet Lee
#10 ranked competitive eater. One of very few women in competitive eating, and Juliet has been coming on strong!

Jason Erb competitive eater
Jason Erb
#34 ranked competitive eater. I don’t remember why I picked this dude. I think it is because he’s been competing lately so I figured I figured that he’d at least compete at a qualifier.

Russ Keeler competitive eater
Russ Keeler
#20 ranked competitive eater. At this point it was just looking for whoever had the highest rank 🙂

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