New pink and blue shower curtain for my pink bathroom.

Replacing things that don’t need to be replaced.

Or, my new peach and aqua bathroom...

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I’ve written before about my “buy once” philosophy: how I’d rather spend a little more money on something that is better quality or something that I really, really, love, with the idea that it will be a “forever piece.” Or, at least, an “as long as humanly possible” piece and not something I am buying with the idea that I will eventually upgrade or eventually replace.

Of course, that’s not always possible. Sometimes you just need something now and can’t wait until you can find or afford the perfect version. When my can opener broke, recently, and I could barely open a can of cat food, I bought a new one, right away, the next time I was at the grocery store. It was standard, black, and functional. I didn’t have time to wait to find the perfect aqua can opener to replace the one that had broke. I just needed to open those damned cans.

The cats had to eat.

Of course, a few weeks later I was at Home Goods and found the perfect aqua can opener there. And I then had to talk myself out of buying it because I already had a perfectly usable can opener. And, I mean, it’s a freaking can opener.


Sometimes, there are those things that you have and that you really like and that you never even think about replacing and that definitely don’t need to be replaced. But then, maybe, you’re in a store and see something that, maybe, you like just a little more. Or, maybe, you’re just ready for a change.

I didn’t need a new shower curtain. My old one was perfectly fine. It fit perfectly into my pink bathroom. I loved the bright pink color and how, when the sun shone through the bathroom window, it cast a bright pink glow over everything.

It didn’t need to be replaced.

But then, one day, I was in Target and I saw this new shower curtain. And I really, really, liked this shower curtain. It was still pink but not entirely pink. And not bright pink but peach, really. It had a cute flowery, geometric-like pattern. It even had little accents of aqua blue.

I really, really liked this shower curtain.

I wanted to buy this shower curtain.

But, I didn’t.

“I already have a shower curtain,” I reasoned to myself. “I’m trying to save money,” I reasoned to myself. “I don’t need a new shower curtain.”

So, I didn’t buy a new shower curtain that day. But I did go home and think about that shower curtain. And I thought about it, randomly, for another couple of weeks.

“My shower curtain is two and a half years old,” I reasoned to myself. “This shower curtain is on sale,” I reasoned to myself. “It’s OK to buy a new shower curtain.”

“It’s OK to replace something that doesn’t need to be replaced.”

So I bought a new shower curtain, even though the one I had was perfectly fine. And I bought a matching bath mat even though the one I had was perfectly fine. And I bought a couple of new accent towels to match. Because you need a matching set.

I waited until after I finished KonMari-ing my apartment.* Until everything was impeccably cleaned and organized. And I treated myself and my new tidied apartment to a new look for the bathroom.

And I love the new peachy pink shade. And I love the pattern. And I love how it brings in some of that aqua color from every other room in my apartment. And I love that it lets in the light from the window without turning everything in my bathroom neon pink. And I love opening the door into my apartment and seeing the new shower curtain from across the hall.

I love my new shower curtain.

I guess, sometimes, you just have to buy something because you like it.

I guess, sometimes, you just have to give yourself permission to replace things that don’t need to be replaced.


New pink and blue shower curtain for my pink bathroom.

New pink and blue shower curtain for my pink bathroom.

New pink and blue bath mat and shower curtain for my pink bathroom.

New pink and blue shower curtain and towels for my pink bathroom.

New pink and blue shower curtain and towels for my pink bathroom.

Cat with new pink and blue bath mat and shower curtain for my pink bathroom.


My peach and aqua bathroom, get the look:

Peach and Aqua Bathroom featuring Threshold Shapes Shower Curtain in Peach, matching towels and bath mat, candles, and more.

Threshold Shapes Shower Curtain Peach

Threshold Coral Bath Rug

Threshold Hand Towels Coral

Threshold Square Trash Can

Pink Shower Caddy

Signature Soy Jar Candle Lush Amazon

Signature Soy Jar Candle Island Mango


*I’m not completely done with KonMari yet, I still have a shelf full of photo albums and other mementos to go through. But that pile is out of the way and comparatively small (but also comparatively harder to go through). The rest of my apartment is amazingly organized though.


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  • Ali
    October 9, 2017at3:00 am

    Sometimes if it brings you joy, it’s totally worth it. And your bathroom does look really cute!

  • Gillian
    October 10, 2017at9:04 am

    I struggle with this too. Not wanting to get caught up in the consumerism of buying; believing that if it doesn’t need replacing then I don’t need it. And then spending inordinate amounts of time agonizing over buying something relatively trivial because it goes against my ‘values’. You’re right – sometimes you should just have something b/c you like it. Your bathroom is super cute! 🙂

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