Dying my hair red.

Redheads Get More Action

Last week Andy posted this link in his blog. Basically, the Germans did a study that said that redheads have more sex. Well, who am I to argue with an argument like that???

Dying my hair red

Yup, I’m a redhead! Well, kind of an orangyhead, but whatever. Now, I actually really liked the blonde but it was time for a change, plus I have goals to attain. Plus I now have a better chance at getting something.
And, admittedly, I also kind of do like having more of the Mary Jane Spiderman color. 🙂

I also baked some of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies ever today:

Chocolate chip cookies

mmmm. They were supersweet and had just the right amount of crispiness. don’t you wish you had some??? Now, its kind of hard to bake cookies when you can only find a ½ cup and a tablespoon. But it did work out in my favor as I discovered the secrets to the perfect chocolate chip cookie:

1. Accidentally pour in about two tablespoons of vanilla extract when the recipe calls for a teaspoon.

2. Buy milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet (why wouldn’t you want all sweet??)

3. Accidentally pour in about 9 ounces of chips when the recipe calls for 6.

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