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Dyed my hair blonde.


Me: ew, i just realized that comic book guy got it on with both skinners mom and his fiance
Rob: hahaha
Me: this fact freaked me out a little more than it should have


1. I dyed my hair (again) which makes nine times this year! It’s still blonde but a slightly different shade. I just wanted to get rid of my roots before the wedding. This is color number nine of the year, woohoo:

My hair is blonde

The dilemma now is that I really like my hair blonde and think it looks pretty good. However, I have not reached my goal for the year and therefore must start dying it different colors soon. Oh well.


2. NBC is going to be having a reality show called “You’re the one that I Want,” which will be a competition to cast the two leads in a Broadway production of Grease. I am so auditioning!


3. I got a catalog for Land of Nod in the mail today. This was a picture in it:

Land of Nod catalog with a stuffed chicken in the oven

There is a stuffed chicken in the oven! When I saw that I laughed for way too long.


4. So Victorias Secret keeps sending me things for free Pink panties. Each one is a $7.50 value. Now, I’ve seen others go in with these coupons and only get the free undies. I feel weird doing that so I always end up buying something else too. So, I went twice this weekend to redeem two of these coupons (One time I bought a new strapless bra to go with my bridesmaid dress and then the second time I bought a really sexycute pair of underwear for the wedding because I wanted a really sexycute pair of underwear for the wedding 🙂 ). My sister is the same way. If you have a free coupon do you just go and get the free thing and that’s it???

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