Messing Around

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I took pictures at MK’s all afternoon and stayed through a BBQ and took more pictures. Here are a few “outtakes” that I liked but either didn’t fit with the story or weren’t good enough quality:

Messing around

Messing around

Messing around

Messing around

Messing around

Messing around

Messing around

Messing around

Messing around

Messing around


24 night. The last episode of House confused the hell out of me. 24 is almost over. This season has had about 5,000 plot lines.

On the way home I turned onto a street. Another car got beside me. I was in the left lane he was in the right lane. He then decided to make a U-Turn. From the right lane. In front of my car. I slammed on my brake and luckily avoided hitting him. Unfortunately the guy behind me hit me. Luckily that was just JoeW (we were both leaving the same place) and luckily it was only a small hit and there was no damage. It was kind of akin to hitting a car while parallel parking where you know you hit them but also know you didn’t cause any damage. Although, I like to say that JoeW rear ended me like Jack Bauer rear ended Tony Almeida. Just sayin.


At work I got a call that someone needed photos. I wish I had brought my good camera but they had me do it with my point and shoot anyways.

After work I went to Wine Styles for wine and then to Hollywood Boulevard to see Star Trek. It was a good movie but confusing.

SPOILER I think I just don’t really comprehend parallel universes. I think of time travel in Back to the Future terms where if he changes something in the past he could have never been born. And what was with the dinosaur? END SPOILER

The waitress pissed me off because she kept pacing by and trying to take my fries away. I finally just let her take them because I was tired of her interrupting the movie for me.


We all officially failed at Idol. I really hate Adam. He is going to win. Why was Katy Perry wearing an cape that said Adam Lambert? I object. Maybe just because I don’t like either of them. This doesn’t matter anymore, but for the record:






First Danny Danny Lil Alexis Danny
Second Lil Alexis Danny Scott Lil
Third Jorge Kris Matt Allison Scott

BLUE = still in it

GREEN = kicked out

ORANGE = third place

YELLOW = second place

PINK = first place


I stopped dying my hair over a year and a half ago. I came across these henna hair dyes from Lush though and I kind of want to try it…Thoughts?

Foods I am craving:
1. Mashed potato and bacon pizza from Piece.
2. These cinnamon rolls.
3. A milkshake (I am pretty much always craving a milkshake).
4. Funnel cake.

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