Homemade apfelstrudel (apple strudel)


Jenny: Adam tried to kill me.
Adam: That’s right, I stabbed her.

Last night Nadia and I finally made it over to Jen and Adam’s new house. It’s a pretty sweet townhome overlooking a golf course (or so we’re told, as it was night and we couldn’t see much outside). It’s a really nice place aside from the outdated light fixtures and the mirrors behind the bed (left over from the 60 year old couple who used to live there…ummm…gross.

We went to Bakers Square for some pie shop special and then played pool where we did Reegers versus non-Reegers and then married women versus non-married women (Adam qualifies because he is not a married woman).

There was a sign in the pool hall for a new cherry beer by Sam Adams, and the bottle on the sign clearly said “Made with real cherries and cherry.” Anyone know the difference??? (aActually, I looked it up and it’s supposed to say cherry flavoring, but that is not what it said.)

Anyways, Congratulations Jenny and Adam on your fabulous new house, and on a wonderful year of marriage! Happy Anniversary!

1. Instead of showing file names, my computer keeps showing Chinese characters

My computer is showing Chinese characters

2. I promised him that this would make the blog…I totally randomly ran into Brian C. on the street the other after not seeing him in forever and a year. Sometimes Chicago is the smallest city in the world.

3. I hate when you sit down to watch a movie you’ve never seen before and then realize that you’ve seen it before.

4. I made a massive apfelstrudel (apple strudel). (Seriosuly, I was afraid that my kitchen was going to explode).

Homemade apfelstrudel (apple strudel)

5. You know you are insane when the one-hour photo place says they will call you when your order is done…and they don’t call for twenty-four hours…not because they forgot you, but because it seriously took them that long to complete your order.

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  • Jen
    August 13, 2007at4:00 pm

    Your apfelstrudel looks kind of evil, but I’m sure it’s tasty.

  • Sid
    August 13, 2007at6:00 pm

    you clearly have a chinese computer virus turning all your files chinese

  • val
    August 13, 2007at5:00 pm

    Yeah, It was too big for the pan, so I had to bend it a bit. I looked like a giant slug when I put it in. Very yummy though!

  • val
    August 13, 2007at7:00 pm

    do you really think it’s a virus? I don’t think so because it only shows up on the file options of dreamweaver. I think it’s more of a Windows Vista is a virus in itself thing.

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