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Rabbit Food: Vegetarian Meals

I am halfway through my month of eating vegetarian!

I am halfway through my month of eating vegetarian! I’m actually not doing too bad and have only had minor cravings, like when whoever is behind eatfeats told me about a chicken wing eating contest and it made me want chicken wings…or when MK and I were talking about planning a camping trip and it made me crave hot dogs…

I had one almost break this week when I bought a Caesar salad for lunch and then remembered on my way back to the office that Caesar salad dressing was made from fish. Luckily the dressing was on the side and Eric lent me some soy sauce packets to dip my lettuce in.

And then there was the time I had planned on getting some potato pierogi from Whole Foods because I really didn’t feel like cooking cooking, but they didn’t have any so I wandered aimlessly around for 15 minutes because I had no idea what else to get (if I was eating meat I would have gotten sushi). I decided on vegetable pot stickers and egg rolls.

But other than that it’s been not so hard.

Here is what I’ve been cooking during my month of eating


Polenta with Brussels Sprouts and Carrots

Polenta with Brussels Sprouts and Carrots

I went to the store with the intention of getting eggplant and mushrooms and ended up with brussels sprouts and carrots because they looked tasty.


Home fries with mushrooms, onions, and cheese topped with scrambled eggs and chive sour cream.

Home fries with mushrooms, onions, and cheese topped with scrambled eggs and chive sour cream.

This hash was based on the hash I’ve had before at Southport Grocery. I omitted the peppers because I don’t like peppers and used a Swiss/Gruyere cheese because Trader Joes didn’t have white cheddar.
By the way, see that “Pick Me Up” mug? It was the base for a “Get Well Soon” bouquet Mat gave me for my 19th birthday…


Pad See Ew

I used a recipe I found for vegetarian pad see ew…except I omitted the fish sauce because that didn’t seem very vegetarian (although I believe you can get vegetarian fish sauce at some Asian groceries). I also added mushrooms because I had mushrooms.


BBQ Veggies

BBQ Veggies

A mixture of the vegetables I had leftover from the week cooked with some barbecue sauce.


Pasta with Lemon Ricotta and Peas

Pasta with Lemon Ricotta and Peas

Based on a recipe from Food52…but using frozen peas and a different type of pasta and no garlic scape. So really nothing like that recipe. And my ricotta to pasta ratio was way off.



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  • Sid
    July 25, 2010at10:29 am

    I did not know there was fish in Caesar dressing until now

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