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Questionable Timeframe.

1. I’m kind of really behind.

2. Luckily, on Saturday night, I fell asleep with my phone on vibrate right under my head. Or else I probably wouldn’t have gotten the phone call that said “open the door.” Luckily, the door was locked. Or else I probably would have woken up screaming bloody murder.

3. Apparently I can go 2.5 days without eating meat.

4. “You’re going to Texas? Be careful of people with chainsaws. I saw a documentary film about that.” – Mat

5. Mat: “I called to apologize about what I said earlier. I was grumpy. You were right and I do agree that you shouldn’t have to pay taxes on that.” Me: “Of all the things you could possibly call and apologize about, you choose that?”

6. Jeff: “What’s the dress code for Lyric?” Me: “You have to wear a tux.”

7. I will always pronounce the word “queue” as “kway” no matter how many times I’m laughed at and told it’s pronounces “cue.”

8. I think I’m going to miss Eric’s moustache 🙁

9. I have learned that if I wait to go out until 11:30 on a Friday night I will fall asleep before I go out.

10. Dear Streetwise guy outside of Starbucks who makes me feel guilty, no one gave me a gift certificate to you.

11. Somewhat official April travel plan: Memphis/rib-eating contest/Dallas/Austin/probably a bunch of kitschy roadside attractions 🙂

12. Thursday I met with my financial panther to go over some financials. (BTW, he came to the city to meet with me! I couldn’t believe it!) While going over my list of things I’m saving for one of the things on my list is my eventual wedding. He marked it under “questionable timeframe.” 🙁

13. I may have convinced my friend to add a part with only a couple of lines into the play he’s writing so I can act in it 🙂

14. I am in love.

15. I kind of want Vans Saddle Shoes…

16. I remember the time I burned myself on his cigarette. It was in a bowling alley. You can no longer smoke inside.

17. American Idol started! Ellen DeGeneres is now a judge. I was really worried because I don’t really like her that much and thought she would just make jokes and not bring anything serious. During the “Hollywood Week” I thought she was actually entertaining. But now when the live shows have started she is doing just awful. My current favorites are Casey James for the guys and Crystal Bowersox for the girls. She plays guitar and harmonica. I kind of want to learn how to play a harmonica. Every year they say “this is the best group ever” but then they all suck. On Tuesday I was upset because the DVR said it was recording Idol but then it didn’t show up on the menu 🙁 I had to wait until Saturday and watch it at my sisters. And watching five hours of Idol in one day is five too many.

18. The Olympics are now over. I haven’t cared about nor watched the Olympics in a very long time. I think the last time I watched was the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding year. But I really got into some of it this year. Here are a few of my thoughts on the Winter Games:

  • Do they give out Olympic medals for awesomeness? Because Johnny Weir needs to win one of those. (p.s. I just found out that his reality show “Be Good Johnny Weir” is on On Demand! I’ve been glued to my TV)
  • The announcers in skating kept pointing out what these skaters have to work on and that “he’s nowhere near his potential”…what, what they have to work on to get to THE OLYMPICS? Shouldn’t they have worked that out by now?
  • I wanna drive the Olympia Ice Resurfacer” just doesn’t have the same ring to it…
  • FYI Olympian bouquets were green spider chrysanthemums, green hypericum berries and green aspidistra leaves. not broccoli.
  • Ice dancing compulsories are the most boring event ever.
  • I kind of am in love with the moose sweaters the Canadians wore to the ending ceremonies.
  • Curling is awesome. No matter what anyone else tells you. Did you know that you can take a curling lesson for just $20? Who wants to form a team with me?
  • The closing ceremonies just got more and more amazing as the night went on. By amazing I mean amazing. At every turn Canada just seemed to be trying to top itself as to how much it could make fun of itself. The line of the night though went to Bob Costas: “And the always enjoyable giant inflatable beaver!” Ummm…
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