Mat makes Hot Chocolate

Queen with Scepter

I like when the guy who drives the train is funny. Good way to start the day. I also like when I sleep in for 45 extra minutes and still get to work early.

On the news last night they were showing how to get the best out of your LinkedIn profile. They said the summary section was the most important…and then they showed someone typing into that section “I excell at working with people.” Good impression.

The third assignment for photo class was to take photos using shallow and wide depth of field. Only I can manage to take dark menacing pictures of flowers…

Bee on flowers in Millennium Park

Millennium Park Flower Garden

After class on Tuesday I went to Mat’s place to take photos of his wardrobe for his movie’s wardrobe lady. I made him make me hot chocolate and he gets bonus points for making it with milk and making it on the stove. Then we watched Suicide Kings. He had to explain to me what a suicide king was and so then I thought is was going to be about poker. But it was not. It was an interesting move though. Weird.

Mat makes hot chocolate for me

Mat makes hot chocolate for me

Mat makes hot chocolate for me

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