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Puppy Olympics = Brilliant

1. On Friday I discovered that Animal Planet one-upped themselves from the Puppy Bowl by presenting the Puppy Olympics.

2. I was excited to have one weekend that I didn’t have anything going on. But then I did stuff.

3. Friday night I went over to MattyK’s and we watched GoldenEye with BobbyK and KariK. I forgot that whenever you have more than one yK in a room you get trapped in a vortex of insanity.

4. Stupid movies with Hilary Duff should not make me cry. Neither should every episode of Made.

5. I totally fucked up and did something really stupid. I don’t know what aspect of it makes me madder at myself. Val=fucked up.

6. Dear Radio stop playing “All Over You” when I need an anthem.

7. Dear McDonalds, please don’t turn off your milkshake machines all night because sometimes I need a chocolate shake at 1am.

8. The British sure know how to make good zombie movies. Especially when they have titles like “Boy Eats Girl” and involve a zombie going down on a guy. That ended badly for the guy.

9. Saturday I went to Stir Crazy with Nadia, Jenny, and Adam. I had a yummy stir fry of steak, flat rice noodles, onion, scallions, mushrooms, pineapple, peppers, garlic, and teriyaki sauce. Pineapple and beef do go together. Val has spoken.

10. Dude at the Gap went into a huge explanation about all the different colors this shirt came in. At the checkout he said “How am I not surprised she went with the pink!” I looked down at the pink shoes, pink shirt, and pink purse I currently was wearing and declared “I think everything I own is pink.”

11. Sleeping in until 11am on a Sunday is nice.

12. Waking up to a message from work on a Sunday morning telling you that your website is fucked is not nice.

13. All I’ve watched of the regular Olympics so far is half a game of mens volleyball. Those Chinese dudes are fucking tall. I never knew actual volleyball was played bump set spike. I just thought they taught you that in gym class. They should mix it up a bit and surprise attack the opponent. I should be a sports coach.

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