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So despite the fact that my financial advisor has done nothing but ignore my repeated requests for a meeting and has hardly made me any money, his company somehow was named best mutual fund company on the planet or some lie like that. If they are doing so well, then where’s my money?

It’s apparently going to buy pizza, that’s where. Tonight there was a little shindig at Giordano’s. We got free pizza and salad and soda all you can eat. I promised my advisor that I would eat enough to make up for all the money he lost me but in reality I only ended up eating one piece (Sid, how are we ever going to finish a 29-inch pizza if I can’t even eat more than one slice?).

Anyways, Em and I pointed out that I was now so poor I had to buy a shirt with holes in it. This was after she thought I was wearing shirt that was showing my naked boobs.

The contact form wanted information like what our emails are. I filled it out to make an appointment to talk about my options for planning for disability 🙂

Really though I shouldn’t be so hard on my advisor. He is the best financial panther ever. Ever. He’s so smart and talented and nice and wonderful and handsome and sexy. (I hope that makes up for me being a total jerk and ruining everything. I feel terrible :'( )

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