Sweet and Sour Chicken

Out of Order

I found out last night that Robot Chicken is not about a chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force is not about aquatic teenagers.

Saturday morning around 8am the gay couple upstairs were having a very loud fight. Again. I heard I giant thump of something hitting the ground. I heard something being dragged across the floor. Then about half hour later I heard a very long zipper closing noise…

I really want to like Central Camera, but they never have what I need.

Dude. The choreographer guy on Glee was the same guy who played duck face on Full House. Just sayin.

My boss is a bad influence on me. He makes me have way too much tequila.

I made organic whole grain puffed rice kosher all-natural marshmallow treats…I really need to stop doing all my shopping at Whole Foods.

Chelsa and I saw a midnight showing of the Muppet Movie a week or so ago. We got Chinese food and mine came in a pineapple. The movie was awesome and I made shadow puppets while we waited and the guy in front of us helped me remember the words to where is thumbkin.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

After the Jalapeno eating contest I went to the IO with Chelsa for Electric Mayhem’s last performance. 🙁

One day was Tabitha’s birthday. We went out to some bar. I had class so I missed the show. Afterwards Chelsa and I went to Ian’s for pizza. Steak and french fry and barbecue sauce pizza is quite possibly one of the best inventions ever.

Steak and french fry and barbecue sauce pizza

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