24 night - Joe and Kitty

Only 2/3 of these photos are of food.

1. I forgot about the house party after Eric’s show at Drew’s place. There was a house party after Eric’s show at Drew’s place. Tabitha and Chelsa and I went. Oh and we got burritos first. Here is a pic I stole from Fawna:

2. It all started when I looked up Cornie in my work’s database to see when he had tickets to Elixir of Love. Is that illegal? Should I admit that? Whatever.

So I told him we should go on the same night and so me and him and Joe and Alina and Anna met up beforehand at Trattoria No 10, because they were doing restaurant week special. We shared some wine and I got grilled calamari and waygu steak and chocolate cake. Yum.

And Elixir was fun too. It had a horsey. And was a good opera.

Restaurant week at Trattoria No 10 - grilled calamari

Restaurant week at Trattoria No 10 - waygu steak

Restaurant week at Trattoria No 10 - chocolate cake

3. Chelsa and I went to Detroit’s Famous Leo’s Coney Island. That name is confusing. She had a hot dog, I had chicken fingers.

Chicken finger at Detroit's Famous Leo's Coney Island

coney dog at Detroit's Famous Leo's Coney Island

4. A few weeks ago I hosted our weekly 24 night for the first time. So everyone came over and I made pulled chicken and coleslaw and potato salad. The episode was really boring. Really boring. Except for the most epic five minute stabbing scene ever in the middle.

Pulled chicken sandwiches

Alina and Joe in a snuggie

Joe and Kitty

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