Trying to dye my hair red over black...

Once you go black… never go back.

Glen told me that once you go black, you never go back. I have now found this to be true. It’s not that I don’t want to leave my black hair color, it’s that my black hair color refuses to leave me. Apparently:

Black Hair


Red Hair Dye


Black hair with orange roots

Orange Roots with Black Hair

Yeah. Basically my roots are bright orange and the rest still really dark. Ohwell, tis only hair. I wanted to go orangy red for Vegas since I’ll be there for St. Patricks Day. I figured if I looked semi-Irish maybe some random guy would want to make out with me in a fit of celebration. Yes. I do think like that.

So, the other day we went back to Parallel 42. Still amazing. I tried the rosé Prosecco and split some shaved beef and mozzarella. Then had some of that Rosa Regale. Yumyumyum. I like any wine that is sweet, crisp, and sparkly (just like moi, hehe). MattyK, his friend Adam and his crew, Jen, Scott and Brandana all came. A conversation held in the car on the way home:

Matt or Scott (I don’t remember which: “Val is popular”
Me: “That’s because I put out”
Scott: “That needs to be quoted.”


Saturday was my editing final. I’m getting at least an A- for 75% of my grade, so as long as I didn’t fuck it up too much, I should be good. I did finish the test awfully fast, but I don’t tend to overthink things like most of the people in the grad program seem to. We’ll see. I do know that this class has ruined me from reading things. Especially crappy little publications and such because I just keep picking out all the errors. Hehe. Now, mind you, I don’t give a crap about grammar when people talk to me (unless in formal business settings), in blogs, emails, ims, etc. Who the hell cares there? I cannot stand nitpickers who go nuts over grammar in such situations. It’s only in actual published documents that someone is paid to put together where it should matter. So, don’t criticize my blog’s grammar or call me a hypocrite for writing so poorly here. I don’t give a damn. Anyways, editing is over! Fiction writing starts in a week or two, should be a cool class. I definitely prefer the creative classes to the technical ones.

Ohohoh. Today I bought this skirt:


I think it is rather ugly. But it was on the 99cent rack at Old Navy. I’ll buy anything that is that cheap. If I wear it once its worth it, right?? I also bought some cute baggy cargo pants with gold twisty designs on the bottom and two tops that make my boobs look great. I didn’t even try them on at the store, and when I got home I put them on and was like wow. Most shirts just make me look flatflat, so I relish in anything that makes me look as if I have a chest. Sorry, no pictures for you. I’ll probably wear them both in Vegas though, so there will be pics from that.

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  • Heather
    March 12, 2006at5:39 pm

    not that i would have changed your mind, but i could have warned you of the black hair dye not leaving. its a characteristic of black hair dye. you may have to get your hair professionally colored to get rid of it. when i was a freshman in high school, a girl in my class successfully managed to get temporary black hair dye to stay permanently. she wanted it to work that way, but any other color wouldn’t do it.

  • val
    March 13, 2006at9:53 am

    Yeah, I knew the black wouldn’t go away any time soon, and I knew that the dye I bought would look nothing like the package. I’m actually quite pleased with the color except that my blonde roots always take it drasticly different than the rest of my hair, so they are now brightbright halloween orange

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