Gone With the Wind movie screening and memorabilia

Oh the south’s gonna rise again.

Gone With the Wind movie screening and memorabilia.

Last night I met up with Joelina and JenAdam to go see Gone with the Wind. It’s one of my favorite movies but I have never seen all four hours of it in one sitting and have never seen it on the big screen. Hollywood Boulevard was showing it so I wanted to go. I love that movie even if I like the book better and even if it has me rooting for the south to win. I am surprised though how much the movie flew by because I usually get bored after 20 minutes of any movie in a theater. I love the movie though, even though it’s one of those movies that you invest so much time in only to be left sad at the end 🙁

They screwed up my dinner order though. I ordered the cheese stuffed shrimp but then the waitress told me I should get the regular shrimp with cheese sauce instead because it comes with bigger shrimp. I said OK but asked them to substitute sweet potato fries for regular. They didn’t but I didn’t complain because I was just trying to watch the movie.

The theater also had a museum of Gone with the Wind movie memorabilia, including costumes and an Oscar. Awesome, right?

Gone With the Wind movie screening and memorabilia

Gone With the Wind movie screening and memorabilia

Gone With the Wind movie screening and memorabilia

Gone With the Wind movie screening and memorabilia

p.s. bonus points if you know what movie’s theme song lyrics I used for the title.

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  • Walter
    April 18, 2009at7:54 pm

    The only time I went there I had a 103 fever from pneumonia for Superbad. I got food I didn’t eat and a gigantic iced tea.
    It’s cool that they did the memorabilia thing.

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