Wearing multiple party hats

No Wine for Val

MattyKKK Took my Baby Away (ever since I started referring to him as MattyK I get that song in my head when I say it).

Anyways…Matt bought a new car!

Wait, no, that’s not a surprising statement.

If you don’t know Matt, well Sid’s entry into the urban dictionary for him pretty much sums it up.

The problem though, I guess was that he normally buys cars that don’t run in which case he just drives a van over and hooks it up and hauls it away. This car however actually runs, meaning he had to get there and not have two cars. Which meant…

Val to the rescue! Yes, that is right, I actually voluntarily picked someone up and drove them somewhere (ON A HIGHWAY)!! Yayforme!

The funniest thing is when I went to mapquest for directions on how to get home I just typed in as an address “oak park” and the directions somehow actually started at exactly where I was.

So Matt has a new Spitfire which is apparently a Triumph and it is teal and matches my favorite sweatshirt. 🙂

Matt loves his new car

So, to thank me for helping him out and then ditching me, Matt was supposed to take me out for wine on Tuesday. But alas I was stood up for a work appointment. 🙁

So to thank me for helping him out and then ditching me and then standing me up Matt was supposed to take me out for wine tonight. Well we (along with Isla and JoeJoe) got to the wine bar and apparently tonight was the only night ever they were hosting a private party. So, no wine for val 🙁

Before going for not wine though I got to ride in the Triumph with Matt’s brother Chris and beat Matt up for almost letting Isla ride in it before me even though he promised I could be the first. Chris and I agree that Matt is a dork for getting rid of the leopard print seats that it came with 🙁

We all went to Fridays instead where they ate dinner and I got a brownie sundae thing because I had already eaten. Then I went back to Matt’s where he dressed himself up all purdy, wouldn’t watch the Little Mermaid but he played My Funny Valentine for me on the piano 🙂

Matt wears party hats

Matt, Chris, and I jammed for a bit (well, I pressed random piano keys).

Then Matt found a party horn and decided that an air compressor would make it work even better. Alas, it did not make any noise, but shot across the garage like a dart 🙂

Party horn.

party horn on an air compressor

party horn on an air compressor

In conclusion, Val is still owed wine (and a Little Mermaid viewing and a pretty Tiffanys ring 🙂 )

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