Homemade butterscotch pudding.

My pudding tastes like whiskey.

1. I am wasting a whole Netflix order for a 10 minute DVD.

2. Wait wait wait wait wait….there is olympic WALKING?

p.s. I am SO changing my name spelling.

3. This site makes me laugh entirely too much.

4. Lord help me…I bought my negative six-month old niecephew a toy (s)he can’t play with until (s)he’s twelve months…but how can you pass it up when you see a CHATTER TELEPHONE!!!

Chatter Telephone children's toy.

5. I have gotten damn good at packing.

6. After seeing this article for days on Serious Eats and being bored tonight, I decided I needed to make some Butterscotch pudding. I kind of fucked up the caramel…twice…in making it, but it turned out pretty tasty!

Homemade butterscotch pudding.

p.s. I really fucked up the caramel three times but the third time not quite as much.

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