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My laziness is going to kill me

1. I wish Starbucks would deliver salted caramel hot chocolates to me. I also wish they were free.

2. Speaking of free Starbucks, the card reader at one of the ones downtown I guess wasn’t working for a couple of days. So I used a $5 gift card 3 times…Yay for two free grande mochas!

3. I really need to stop waiting until the last minute to use my Groupons. Especially when they are for workout classes and I then have to take three classes in one week…

4. If I had $800 to spare, I would buy this map.

5. I haven’t figured out yet if I am ok with, annoyed by, or in love with the guy upstairs and his constant piano/guitar playing. I’m not sure if I like it more or less than the last guys who spent all night screaming at each other.

6. Justin Timberlake — a competitive eater?

7. You know you need more sleep when you see a big sign on a building being built that says “Apple Store Lincoln Park” and I think “wait…are they building a big produce store?”

8. There’s something about a really inky pen that makes me want to jot down notes and doodles all day.

9. You’d think that sometime during the last 30 years I would have learned how to use an iron.

10 Texts from Last Night: (404): What a whore. She reminds me of that asian guy who can eat all the hotdogs.

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