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My financial advisor is better than yours.

Financial panther: No one else is in the office…we can have chair races down the hall!

Me: Yes!!!! (proceeds to hop her chair a few times…looks down realizes that she’s in a regular chair and he is in a rolling chair) NOOOOOO!!!!! WAIT!!!!!!! You’d win!

Financial panther: Haha. I could probably beat you to the door.

I had a meeting with my financial panther to discuss disability options. Yeah, we didn’t talk about that. We listened to music (though he wouldn’t do the dance party chair switch with me), discussed office decorations and the benefits of hanging your diploma, I illustrated how I can walk on my own back, I sat outside his door and played secretary, we trespassed into everyone else’s offices, he refused to discuss dividends or other “financial words,” we made faces in the window, he quacked at me, I asked him what would be the longest thing he could talk about and he said…well…

That said, I think I am the most fun client he’s got and we should have meetings every week 🙂

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