Musings from Mothers Day

If a movie bills itself as being based on the only recorded case of a spirit killing someone, shouldn’t somewhere in that movie, a spirit kill someone? Just a thought.

Went to see American Haunting today for mothers day. Yeah, it sucked. Sucked by MY standards of a horror film, so you KNOW it had to be bad. I did, however see a trailer for the new Omen. The Omen is one of the most kick-assiest movies EVER. Hopefully I can drag someone to see it with me on 6-6-06.

Earlier in the day I was in my mom’s room and saw her barbies in her bookcase.

me: your barbies look like lesbians
mom: they are lesbians
me: OK
mom: why do you say that.
Me. the way they are positioned. They are looking at each other longingly.

Yeah, you decide:

Lesbian Barbies

After the movie there was one of those drug commercials where they say to parents to talk to your kids about drugs. My mom the proceeded to tell us (me-25, Nat-31, Jen- 34) not to do drugs. We then got into a conversation about how she never talked about anything. She sent Nat to talk to me about sex my freshman year of high school before I went to homecoming with a guy who was so-obviously gay. We both just laughed.

Jen said: “You taught us the wrong things. Like that you had to have LOVE to have SEX.”

We then ate lobster. Boy did we eat lobster. Last fathers day we gave my dad a gift certificate to lobstergram. He finally used it and we ate lobstercakes, lobster bisque, and lobster lobster. Giant succulent tails. Yumyumyum.

Oh, and Jenny on Mat:
Jenny: hmm. Jerk! 🙂
Me: i know!
Jenny: better yet, booger nose. Thats what i like to say
me: hehe, he is a booger nose

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