Bachelorette Party

Music Box Bachelorette Party Massacre

Music Box Massacre and a bachelorette party in the same night.

Do you ever have one of those nights out that by the time you get home, looking back, it feels like parts of it happened days ago and not just hours ago? Saturday was one of those nights. I mean, I guess this feeling was helped by the fact that my night out was actually more like over 25 hours out. But still.

I met up with Chelsa and Tabitha and co. around 11am, coffee in hand. It was going to be a long day…er…night…er…day AND night! We piled up some snacks and rounded the corner to wait in the line at Music Box for Music Box Massacre – a 24-hour horror film marathon! Last year I did it from around 4pm until noon the next day. This year I was getting there before it began and was planning on being there till the end…minus the bachelorette party I was going to in between!

Music Box Massacre horror movie marathon

Once we secured our seats (that were way better than the guy behind us’s…until, of course, a tall dude sat in front of Tabitha) we settled in to listen to the opening bands. The first one sang something about Frankenstein. The second one was some young kids. Yes, there were opening bands at a horror film marathon! Soon though noon struck and it was time to watch some movies!

Music Box Massacre horror movie marathon

Music Box Massacre:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Old film. Black and White and you had to read it. Good though. And sad.

Swapping gummy bear heads

Isle of the Dead

The plague! It was about people from the 40s trapped on a Greek island because the plague was going around. And then one guy goes crazy. In the beginning you find out crazy guy’s wife’s body had disappeared from its grave. She didn’t come out of nowhere to kill everyone like I thought. I guess not all movies were Scream in the 40s.

Swapping gummy bear heads

Bucket of Blood

Classic Roger Corman film. A guy accidentally kills a cat, turns it into a piece of art. Guy becomes revered as an artist. Goes on to kill other things for art. Good mix of suspense and humor. Very predictable, but, hell, what horror film isn’t? It was still awesome though!

The Black Cat

This was based on Edgar Allen Poe and was one of those made for cable movies. It kind of dragged. And by kind of I mean really. But it was the only movie that made me feel faint and sick. I can watch all the stabbings and blood and guts I want but throw in anything medical related and I am gone.

The Brood

The Brood looked kind of totally awesome. Unfortunately I had to leave after the first half hour…


No, it wasn’t a horror film called bachelorette party (are there any horror movies about this event?) it WAS a bachelorette party! Jen is getting married this weekend so it was our last chance to go out and celebrate her singledom!

Bachelorette Party

This of course equaled girly drinks (drunk out of penis-shaped straws), improv (about alcohol), and more drinking (out of penis-shaped straws!) We headed to this bar to watch “Bye Bye Liver” a comedy/improv show about bars and drinking and alcohol. It was a funny show!

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Afterwards we headed out to Uncle Fatty’s for more drinking and dancing and general debauchery!

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Did I mention there was a blinking penis cup? There was a blinking penis cup.


Sometime between 1:30am and 2am I was back in the theater, grabbed a slice of their pizza, and in my seat for the tail end of Pontypool. Which looked awesome. But I didn’t see the beginning so I was highly confused. But I totally want to see it again because it looked really good.

Dark Night of the Scarecrow

The beginning of this seemed really good and interesting. Somewhere around the middle of this I totally fell asleep.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2


Blood Feast

Blood Feast is one of my favorite movies. The director, HG Lewis is totally amazing. By amazing I mean awful. This movie is awful. But that makes it amazing. Does that make sense? Probably not. But it should. This movie is awesome.

Maximum Overdrive

Electronics go crazy. Mostly trucks. It’s weird. In the end they put an explanation on the screen about why electronics went crazy. I would have preferred it if they left it up in the air instead of trying to explain things with something that made no sense.


Carrie is a classic. Telekinesis girl with religious mother gets pigs blood spilled on her then she burns everyone down. The end.

And at noon we left the theater and I headed home to sleep for the entire rest of the day…

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