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Picture post…but not of Europe (sorry I am working hard to get them online, but refuse to post anything that’s not up to the val standards of prettiness). I will start with a random pic I took on Saturday just because I was at Party City and realized that I don’t have a picture of this:

The Spindle Car Kabob in Berwyn, Illinois

The Spindle!


And on to real things…



Woohoo! Jenny’s bachelorette party! We didn’t do anything (too) scandalous, but it was tons of fun all the same. First stop was a Mexican restaurant where I got some yummy flautas and a peach margarita. Mmm. We bought everyone sparkly tats that said things like “Wild” and “Sexy” and pins that had sayings like “bitch,” “drunk,” “always a bridesmaid,” etc. I chose “slut.” When everyone had chosen the only ones left were “divorced,” “virgin,” and “single.” I then decided to were both virgin and slut: “I’ll go only so far with anyone who wants it.” Hehe. Jenny opened her presents and got lots of nice stuff that I won’t go into detail about. 🙂 She found my gift of a copy of “Where Did I Come From” amusing. (for those of you who don’t know, this is a cartoon video for younger people to help explain the miracles of life. We rented it once in high school. Lets just say there is a creepy duck with bulging eyes involved. I can’t wait until we watch it again). We got Jenny to finish an entire margarita. Woo!

Next it was on to the wild bachelorette activity of painting pottery, which was lots of fun!

Painting pottery at a bachelorette party

Nad, Jen, and I all painted large mugs to feed our coffee obsessions. The lady who worked there was very kind and stayed a little late to let us finish up. When I went to pay she said to me “Now, who’s that girl from Spiderman that you look just like?” hehe.

Next it was on to bowling. They were playing some good and some bad music that we sang along and danced to. I bowled the highest scores of my life (120something, and 133) and was 2 pins away from a turkey (strike, strike, 8 🙁 : the first one is a drumstick, then the other drumstick, the the breast). After two games we headed into their bar where karaoke was going on. We all sang “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” although Jenny and I were the only ones who would hold the mics.

bowling at a bachelorette party

singing karaoke at a bachelorette party

Then we refused to leave until Jenny, clad in a tiara and veil would sing “Like a Virgin.” Lets just say we all left happy.



Saturday was the Inline Insomniacs Chicago skate! I haven’t been skating in a long long time so now my legs are killing me, but its all good. It was odd because besides Joe and Isla who I went with I hardly knew anyone there. I went out in the morning to buy new skates because I feared my old ones would completely fall apart as they often do. I love my new skates, I feel so much faster! We went by the Sears Tower and the Picasso and the Art Institute. We got kicked out of the bean (I saw the bean!). We rolled past the gay games and stopped in front of the gay is sin people. Joe offered to kiss Stork in front of it, of course he didn’t offer this until we were much past it. Then it was down the lakefront to Navy Pier then off to dinner where I got chicken wings that were good but I couldn’t finish because they burned my mouth off. Man, that was fun times.

Inline Insomniacs Chicago Skate by the Picasso

Inline Insomniacs Chicago Skate by the Bean

Inline Insomniacs Chicago Skate by an anti-gay protest

Inline Insomniacs Chicago Skate by Lake Michigan

Inline Insomniacs Chicago Skate



Went for coffee with Brandana. It was the first time in like a month since I was gone. There was like a whole new staff at Omega. Weird. And no hot girls to serve us. At one point before leaving the table for a minute he took a cream and a sugar and put it by his cup. I asked if he didn’t trust me to not drink all the cream and eat all the sugar while he was away. So, of course, I then hid all the cream and sugar and replaced it with the mustard. I am so funny like that. 🙂

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  • Chris
    July 17, 2006at1:38 pm

    I am totally in awe of the car tower. Where can I find out more about it?!

  • val
    July 17, 2006at1:55 pm

    It is called Spindle, although I didn’t know that until I just looked it up. It’s in a shopping center in Berwyn, IL that has a bunch of goofy art like that. You can see it in the movie Wayne’s World.

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