Modern Cat Supplies that Don't Make Me Cry.

Modern Cat Supplies that Don’t Make Me Cry

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There are two types of first-time mothers. There are those mothers who decorate the baby’s nursery for the baby. Teddy-bear printed bedding. Chunky plastic toys in bright primary colors. Dancing elephant mobiles in gender-friendly pink or blue.

Then there are those mothers who decorate the nursery for themselves. Mid-century modern cribs. Monochromatic color schemes in dusty lavender or yellow and gray. Carefully selected wall garlands, lace tents, and a curated bookshelf styled with a vintage metal piggy bank, a precious stuffed bunny with a flower crown, and, just maybe, a couple of actual books.

If I were a mother, I’d be the latter.

Of course, I’m not a mother, but I did just start fostering cats. And with cats come cat toys and cat accessories and cat supplies and endless amounts of things for your cats. There are scratching posts and litter boxes and food dishes and little mice stuffed with catnip and all of a sudden my perfectly curated aqua-everything apartment is being overrun by my new fluffy roommates’ paraphernalia.

So, obviously, I’ve been spending all my time looking for modern cat supplies that don’t make me cry. Ones that fit in with my style and don’t clash with my decor. Ones that I actually don’t mind having in my apartment. And I’ve found so many cute little things that I might just let these cute little babies take up even more space… (I mean, I even found an aqua blue litter box.)

Of course, you do have to be practical too. All of my cats have loved this basic scratching post — built tall and sturdy. And they can’t get enough of the simple but fun Cat Dancer toy. After all, cats don’t really care if their toys match your room.

But, because maybe you do, here’s a roundup of the cute and modern cat supplies I’ve found: comfy beds, stylish scratching posts, fun food & water bowls, cool climbing trees, and quirky toys & accessories for your cats and kittens…



Modern cat beds that don't make me cry. | Unique cat beds that won't clash with your decor. | Modern Cat Supplies that Don't Make Me Cry

Modern Cat Beds:

The Peacock Ball by Meyou Paris

Petal Cat Bed by Lion and Wolf

Pet Bed by Mudcloth

Shark Cat Ball by The Cat Ball

Chunky Knit Cat Bed by Becozi

Designer Cat Bed in Copper by Lord Paw

Banana-Leaf Condo Pod Elevated Cat Bed from Pawhut

Crochet Pet Basket by Benji + Moon

Cat Nap Cocoon by Home Soul Shop

Aruba Round Pillow Pet Bed by Majestic Pet

Kitty Ball Rattan Cat Bed by The Refined Feline



Modern cat bowls that don't make me cry. | Unique cat food and water bowls that won't clash with your decor. | Modern Cat Supplies that Don't Make Me Cry

Modern Cat Food and Water Bowls:

Ceramic Cat Bowl by Scarlettwares

Mid Century Modern Pet Feeder by Modernist Cat

Dipper Bowl by Waggo

Harmony Good Kitty Ceramic Cat Bowl

Solidarity Ceramic Pet Feeder by Barruntando

Gray Herringbone Bowl

Watercolor Feathers in a Row Boho Bowl

Ceramic Pet Bowl by Benji + Moon



Modern cat scratching posts that don't make me cry. | Unique scratching posts that won't clash with your decor. | Modern Cat Supplies that Don't Make Me Cry

Modern Cat Scratching Posts:

You & Me Sisal Cat Scratching Post

KAFBO 9lifers Whale Shape

Mid Century Modern Cat Scratcher by Modernist Cat

Max & Marlow Medium Scratch Post

The Cone by WISKI

You & Me Sisal and Seagrass Orb Cat Scratching Post

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge



Modern cat trees that don't make me cry. | Unique climbing trees for cats that won't clash with your decor. | Modern Cat Supplies that Don't Make Me Cry

Modern Cat Climbing Trees:

PetPals Group Recyclegreen Paper Rope Condo and Perch

Home set by Kafbo (Etsy Shop)

Modular Cat Tree by Katris

Vesper Cat Furniture V-High Base

Natural Sphere Cat Tower by Sauder Woodworking

Katt3 Modular Cat Climbing System



Quirky Cats Toys and unique accessories for cats. | Modern Cat Supplies that Don't Make Me Cry

Quirky Cat Toys and Unique Accessories for Cats:

Laptop Cat Scratching Pad by Suck UK

Taj Mahal Cat House by Poopy Cat

OTO Brooklyn House for Cats by Famous OTO

How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom

Llama Organic Catnip Toy by Mini Tiger

DJ Cat Scratching Pad by Suck UK

Carriage Cardboard Cat House by Cacao Pets

All Natural Cat Wine by Apollo Peak

Accoutrements Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

Pusheen Donut Cat Teaser Toy

Pizza Catnip Cat Toy by Feline Fun



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Modern Cat Supplies that Don't Make Me Cry

Modern Cat Supplies that Don’t Make Me Cry

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  • Ali
    July 28, 2017at5:05 am

    This is hilarious! Also, the cat wearing the unicorn horn does NOT look happy to be wearing it!

  • Jennifer Boaro
    July 29, 2017at11:25 am

    This post is put together so nicely! Your visuals are great, and certainly optimized for sharing on Pinterest. Thanks for including our Cat Ball® cat bed!

  • Micheal
    August 2, 2017at9:59 pm

    awesome! If you are a cat-lover then these things can’t be missed out. Love the cat climbing trees
    Thanks for summing up!

  • Monerath
    October 5, 2017at12:04 am

    I would like to see more posts like this. I definitely enjoyed every bit of it and I have you bookmarked to see new information on your blog.

  • PetShoper
    February 25, 2018at3:14 pm

    Great post especially for real cat lovers. Must read and must buy list!

  • Natalie @ Leaping Cats
    March 15, 2018at8:30 am

    LOL!!! I am a mom, and I am so the latter mom 😉 Same with the cats. I am seriously in love with those cat bowls with the kitties on them. And the shark cat bed. And the pizza. And that unicorn horn! My sister and I were shopping not long ago and came across the horn and cracked up. Of course, my cat would never in a million years allow me to put it on him, but it was fun to laugh about anyway 🙂 Thanks for these classy, modern options. Now, how to hide these garish children’s toys…

  • urbanpetsstore
    November 22, 2018at12:05 am

    Great Post for cat lovers, Must buy Cat tree its look amazing and your cat would be surely happy to play on cat tree.

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