Wine tasting sheet

MK Wins

I got them all correct today, see:

Wine tasting sheet

Hehe, so it wasn’t a blind tasting so, technically, I did guess 6 for 6 right! Go me!

So, MattyK IMs me and says that he is thinking of going to the wine tasting at WineStyles tonight but doesn’t have anyone to go with and “ideally, one goes to a wine tasting with a pretty girl that has hair dyed several different colors per month, a tattoo, and perhaps a penchant for artsy stuff and collecting furniture” and asked if I knew anyone. So, of course I begged my dad to borrow the SUV so I could go. Of course, I guess Brandana also fit that description 🙂 The wines were OK but really I like things a lot sweeter, but oh well, since MK is a member of their wine club he and a guest get the wine tastings for free, so I got to have free wine. 🙂

Then we went back to his place where he busted out the whipped cream… 😉

Mmmhmmm. Hehe, it was for my coffee! Yumyum. I then got my special private showing of Top Gear starring Simon Cowell!!! Woohoo! He critiqued some cars and then drove faster than anyone else! On the show they also tested which toupees worked best with sports cars. Hehe.

And then…out of nowhere…a GIANT PENGUIN APPEARED! I am so completely serious. A giant penguin barged into the room and waddled around! Of course, it was only ChrissyK in a costume. He is wearing it to school tomorrow. Man would I pay to see that! Matt then spent the rest of the night wondering how he was related to Chris. I think the answer is easily 🙂

Alas my dad didn’t want me to keep the car out too late so I had to call it an early night 🙁

So… was that entry nice???

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