Dying my hair black.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Dying My Hair Black

Dying My Hair Black

I was watching Snow White the other day (the Faerie Tale Theatre version — do you remember those?) and decided I really wanted to look like Snow White. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like Snow White? Lips red as blood. Skin as white as snow. Hair as black as ebony. Etcetera. Etcetera. So, I tried dying my hair black. Again. This time with permanent hair dye.

dying my hair black -0 my new hair color inspired by Snow White

This time it worked a lot better. It’s like black black.

I went into work today with my newly-dyed black hair and my boss saw it and said, “I love your hair, is it blue?” I guess it does look blue in some lights…

So, I can now check another color off my list. As Glen put it when I told him I was going black “You know what they say…Once you go black, you never go back.” I’m not quite sure if I agree (I think I like red best) but it is fun for now!

Chicago Auto Show

Yesterday was the Chicago Auto Show. I had never been before. Once when I was a kid I was supposed to go with my friend Meagan because Mark Paul Gosselaar was going to be there. But then we found out that he cancelled so we didn’t go. I had such a crush on Zack Morris and was very disappointed. I actually didn’t have a bad time at the Auto Show, and even though we were there for 6 hours it didn’t feel like that long.

I want a cool sporty car. I should have held out for one of them and not gotten the Saturn. Hehe, speaking of Saturn, one of the guys working at their info desk was the guy who sold me my car, he actually recognized me too (despite the black hair). I have decided I like this car best:

Dodge Challenger

It’s the concept car for the Dodge Challenger. It reminds me of some retro 70s throwback, and I am totally in love. I also still want a VW. In pink. Alas, Matt promised me that I would see a pink car. I told him that I’d sleep with him if I did. Well, we finally found one. It was in the car “museum” and was some little pink racing car with German or something words all over it. Pretty in Pink. I just had to hold up my end of the bargain (hehe, yeah right). I will post pics of it if I ever finish my rolls.

All for now.

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