Eric wins the American Idol pool

Milk and Milkshakes

1. Eric officially won the Idol pool. There are still two weeks left of Idol but he was the only one who could win at this point. Unless Kris dies and they bring back Lil. Just sayin. He made $20.

Eric wins the American Idol pool

2. Last night was a milkshake kind of night so I found someone to go get one with me. I met Mat and we headed to Margie’s and he bought me a chocolate shake. We then walked around Wicker Park (the actual park) and found goats and a dead guy. Then I proceeded to tear duct tape off of a random guys car because I mistook it for mine. His car is probably going to fall apart now. I just saw the bumper and freaked because on the highway something flew onto my car and was stuck there flapping around the whole trip. I saw that and thought duct tape managed to get around my car and I freaked. Did I mention I can be kind of an idiot?

Then we went back to his place and watched Milk, which is not a documentary on cows and shows a lot of gay sex. It was a good movie. Not for either of those reasons.

3. My point and shoot’s screen now has a weird marking in it and it keeps growing. I am resisting all temptations to buy a new point and shoot as this one still functions fine.

4. My new lens is bigger than my head.

5. Schoolhouse Rock rocks. Especially when competitive eater Badlands Booker sings the part of the walrus…

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