Santa ate my cookies and Pepsi!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Here was my holiday…

Christmas Eve:

On Christmas Eve wall went over to my aunt’s house. Everyone kept asking what I was doing there as if they didn’t expect me to come. Basically all the guys went and watched football, my mom and aunts talked amongst themselves, and me and my sisters talked amongst ourselves. Umm, we also ate. We had pierogi and dumplings and lox and bagels and a Greek salad my sister made thrown in to make it more multicultural.

At night we had our Christmas Eve tradition of ordering Dr. Pizza (this tradition started because when I was a kid I was a much pickier eater and one year my aunt didn’t bring the bagels so I didn’t have anything to eat). We also watched the wonderfully appropriate holiday classic “Hostel.” It was OK. We managed to convince my mom for the first half hour that we were watching a sex comedy. 🙂 Then we ate snowman-shaped Krispy Kremes and I made my hot chocolate. Yumyum.

Merry Christmas - Christmas snowman Krispy Kreme doughnut

If you have ever wondered why I tend to take any idea anyone comes up with too far… We keep trying to think up things to tell Dale (my sisters boyfriend) “holiday traditions.” For instance last year we told him that we normally go caroling at hospitals. This year we decided to tell him that we have a bi-annual Bromann Bowl tackle football game. So, before settling to watch the movie, we made a trophy and a list proclaiming the winner of every game since 1980. Basically every year we put that my dad won, since he would obviously win a tackle football game 🙂 I then aged the paper in tea and coffee. It really looked like we pulled it out of the fire to keep it. Hehe.

Merry Christmas - Annual Christmas football game trophy

Before retiring for the night I put out my cookies and Pepsi for Santa (my dad always told me when I was a kid that Santa likes Pepsi and not milk). 🙂

Merry Christmas! Pepsi and cookies for Santa



Santa ate my cookies and Pepsi!

Santa ate my cookies and Pepsi!

He left a little of a half-eaten cookie. Maybe Matt can sell it on eBay for me and make me rich! I mean, Santa’s DNA has to be worth something and I bet someone would buy a cookie eaten by Santa!

Yay! We went to see Dreamgirls. Dale didn’t go because he he’s “not gay.” Whatever. It was a really good movie, but the audience was funny because after Effie’s big song everyone burst into applause. I don’t see the point of clapping for a movie unless it’s like Jason making a good kill 🙂

Then we opened our presents. I got lots of cool stuff (I tend to get more too because I usually also receive all my birthday gifts too). I got:

A pink ipod (engraved on the back with a quote from Perks of Being a Wallflower):
Pink iPod with Perks of Being a Wallflower quote engraved

iPod engraved with a Perks of Being a Wallflower quote

A pink softest sweetest robe, etc. from Bath and Body Works (it seriously is the softest sweetest robe ever):
Softest Sweetest Robe from Bath and Body Works

Board Games:
board Games


Kitchen Stuff:
Kitchen utensils


Then we busted out the 80s Trivial Pursuit, and Dale kicked our asses. Then my aunt came and we ate. And then, since it wouldn’t be a holiday without me bursting into tears… my aunt was chasing the dog around trying to put a collar she bought him on, but he was guarding a new ball so she chased him near me and he pounced and growled in the way that I knew he would have bitten me badly if he didn’t have the ball in his mouth at the time. 🙁

The best news of the day though…My sister Jen is finally engaged! She got the ring on Christmas Eve night. 🙂

Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas!!!

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  • Rob
    December 26, 2006at7:53 am

    I don’t mind the pictures on my LJ! Congrats to your sister, and man… you got a ton of cool gifts!

  • dragonbane
    December 26, 2006at9:50 am

    You know, if that Krispy Kreme wasn’t frosted, it would look a lot naughtier…

  • val
    December 26, 2006at10:18 am

    thanks rob! Some people don’t like when I post really long entries with lots of pictures to LJ.
    hehe, yeah, that donut might look a little naughtier…funny, always thought the white frosting might add to the naughtiness 🙂

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