Pink Sony Vaio Laptop

Meet my new toy… (My Pink Sony Vaio Laptop)

Will all my techno-savvy friends please divert your eyes!!!

I decided that, while I actually had the money, it was time to replace my laptop. Mine was really slow. It only liked to stay on for about 2 hours at a time before shutting itself off. Sometimes after shutting down it would tell me I had no hard drive for a couple of hours. Without being plugged in it would last about 30 seconds before shutting itself off. While on it would heat up to the point where it would be pretty scalding to touch and start to smell. It was also almost out of hard drive space.

I realize that many of these things could probably be easily fixed…but considering that it wasn’t that expensive of a computer in the first place, bought when I didn’t think I’d be using it as much as I did, I figure it was more worth the investment to replace it.

So, it is time to meet my new laptop…






…don’t laugh…






Pink Sony Vaio Laptop

Pink Sony Vaio Laptop

…I told you not to laugh!

It’s my brand new pink Sony Vaio laptop… As you can see, I pick my computers like I pick everything else out in life: solely based on color. 🙂 That of course is not completely true, as this has way more power and memory and features and all that jazz. But it doesn’t hurt that it’s pink 🙂

Who knows, maybe it will be a nice conversation starter while I’m typing away at the memoir at all those coffee houses 🙂

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  • Chris
    March 9, 2007at8:57 am

    Now all you need is that “Geek in the Pink” song they sang on American Idol!

  • heather
    March 10, 2007at7:11 pm

    i’m very happy for you.

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