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Maybe he thought it was a war movie.


Wednesday night we went to Hollywood Boulevard because JoeJoe had won free ticket for eight. We saw The International because nothing else good was playing. The movie was about a couple of guys who went to a really cool museum for about ten minutes. Other than that I can’t tell you a single thing that happened int he movie. My bruschetta was good though.

Tonight Nadia and I went to see Bride Wars. We were the only two in the theatre except for a random dude. Random dude, why did you go to see a chick flick alone? You know you are in trouble when ten minutes into the movie a girl gets engaged and I cry. You know you are really in trouble when fifteen minutes into the movie another girl gets engaged…

The movie was good except I am confused about how they exactly got double booked…the planner said the assistant turned in the wrong paper work and gave the other girl the date one of the brides had…but wouldn’t the planner have still told her in the first place the correct date?

Kate Hudson’s dress was awful. I hate dresses that point towards the crotch (sorry Miss Sleeping Beauty). Anne Hathaways was pretty though and I spent the entire movie trying to figure out if I could get my hair to look like hers.

I also thought the ending was a little forced and they didn’t build it up enough.



On my way home from movie one I tried to stop my car at a red light and instead ended up spinning around and facing backwards. Luckily the guy behind be who I was then staring into the windshield of was able to stop. Eh, didn’t hit anything so I just backed up and kept going.

On my way home from movie two the truck I was behind put on his blinkers and started moving to the side of the highway. And then I got hit with a massive amount of smoke.

Saturn might be spinning off into their own company. Does anyone remember that back in the day (before I had one) Saturn used to through picnics and stuff for its drivers? If they do form a new company they better throw a big picnic. I am so there.



If I am nice, Eric is winning our Idol pool. If I am mean, we are tied. He had picked two of the three winners from last night…but when he sent me his official list he had only sent eleven names instead of twelve and forgot to write one of the names he had said he was going to add…and that person happened to have ended up making it…so technically according to his official list, she is not on it 🙂

I am 1 for 3 so far. I am bad at these things. I am one of those people who will never win at horse racing because I insist on betting on the horse who is going to suck, but if they do happen to win you get paid a lot more.

Spoiler Ahead:

Val Eric
Danny Gokey Danny Gokey
Anoop Desai Anoop Desai
Tatiana Nicole Del Toro Ricky Braddy
Adam Lambert Adam Lambert
Jasmine Murray Jasmine Murray
Matt Giraud Matt Giraud
Megan Corkey Mishavonna Henson
Nick Mitchell Ju’Not Joyner
Scott McIntyre Scott McIntyre
Arianna Afsar Kendall Beard
Von Smith Lil Rounds
Kristen McNamara HAHA, Eric forgot #12

BLUE = Performed and Made it to the Top 12
GREEN = Performed and did not make it

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  • Sid
    February 20, 2009at5:14 pm

    I bet random dude was there to try to pick up chicks

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