Girls just want to have fun! 100 things to do in 2007. My 2007 resolutions.

March: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

girls just want to have fun

March was a super slow month on my list of 100 things to do in 2007. New goal: finish 25 by the end of May.

March Update:

29. See at least 1 ballet
–Saw Romeo and Juliet!

30. See plenty of Opera
–Saw the Carmelites dress

36. Watch all the 80s cartoons I have on dvd
–I watched 12 episodes of Fraggle Rock

37. Watch 3 80s movies I have never seen before
–The other day I watched The Gate on On Demand…I guess that counts

39. Watch every Hellraiser movie
I watched the first one!

51. Read ten Pulitzer Prize winning books (my goal is to eventually read them all)
–Finally finished Gone with the Wind! (up to 3!)

63. Scan five old event’s photos onto my website
–Scanned 2 more! (up to 3!)

68. Organize my recipe collection
–I’ve scanned a ton of recipes…many more to go!

83. Knock off at least a few of the following Illinois Attractions:
–I started planning an awesome Illinois roadtrip! Who’s in???

Brownies topped with sprinkles

Brownies topped with sprinkles

85. Bake once a month
I made brownies

Baking a Vanilla Souffle

Baking a Vanilla Souffle

86. Learn to make good soufflé
tried and failed

Pillsbury Bake-Off Pizza Creations Entry

Pillsbury Bake-Off Pizza Creations Entry

97. Enter a recipe contest
–I attempted some recipes for he Pillsbury Bake-Off

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